The first 100 days…

Once upon a time, nothing came of it.

That nothing is why I am here today.  I’ve been thinking long and hard as to why I want to help the world.  The how is easy enough to come by.

See, there is nothing new under the sun.  We have done this before.  And those who did this specific something succeeded at creating nothing.

What I am talking about is the power of meditation.

Between 1983 and 1995, a series of experiments were conducted by Dr. David Orme-Johnson to study the effects of group meditation on world peace analytics.  Since we are steadily edging away from the cliché desire of every beauty pageant contestant (“I want to make the world a better place!”).  In recent years, we have succeeded in the global elections of a series of populist leaders – still a growing trend – and I am here to suggest that because we feel that we already know how to make the world a better place, perhaps we can all spend more time reflecting on why we should make the world a better place, too.

We are living in an era the minority of elites are holding the majority of the world’s wealth.  The can and willingly do dictate to the rest of us how we should be living.  As a white woman in my 30s, I’m not a part of a significantly marginalized minority.  Nevertheless, my choices are such that do not correspond to the will of the people in power today.

My choice is to live in a world where:

  • All are free to live how they want
  • None are allowed to physically harm or restrain another

These are two simple truths with very complicated ramifications.  Both are equal and neither takes precedence over the other.  And the consequences of these subtle truths being put into practice are the subject of this blog and experiment.


I am asking anyone and everyone to join me in meditating every day for 100 days, starting on January 20th, 2017.  Many will recognize this as the date of US President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.  I have chosen this date as a symbol of the fear that is being created by the rise of populist leaders around the world.  No one wants to feel left behind.

This 100-day practice is our chance to show our fellow planetary inhabitants that we care about them and will not leave them behind.

All we need to do is nothing.

Find somewhere peaceful to sit, stand, lay down – find any position that your body feels comfortable and at ease.  Spend 10 minutes in this place of peace, inside your thoughts, inhabiting your space, and sending feelings of love, peace and harmony to your fellow many.

When the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s experiments were conducted, the researchers found that with a group of roughly the square root of 1% of the world’s population (approx. 8660 persons today) and meditation periods lasting from 8 to 11 days, warfare due to national and international conflicts decreased by about 30%.

As arbitrary as it all may sound to the skeptic, scientific method was observed.  More importantly, none of that matters.  Many more studies of the effects of meditation have since corroborated the results found in the Maharishi experiments. This is our experiment into the power of mindfulness in a time when trying anything is most needed and welcome!

According to Professor Ved Nanda, Director of International Legal Studies at the University of Denver College of Law, “These studies provide a great hope for humanity, a breath of fresh air. We have repeatedly seen that international law, treaties, and even the United Nations cannot prevent war, or even contain it within certain rules such as the Geneva Convention. Can we afford to overlook this research? It breaks my heart that so many people are being killed every day, including many fine young Americans, when we haven’t even tried this first.”

There are currently many meditation groups around the world and have always been.  There also continue to be wars and all manner of fighting.  So what’s the point, then?

What I know is that since I moved away from city living and into the tropical jungle, where I am surrounded by nature and find plenty of time for reflection and appreciation, I have learned of the serenity that can be achieved by non-inclusion.  What I mean by this is that there is a drive that I have felt in the past to heighten each experience with the addition of something.  Whether it’s eating by a screen or imbibing a substance while on a journey, I have found that these ‘somethings’ ultimately take away from an experience by adding nothing new to the original purpose and spreading thin our energy.

And what is the true purpose of a delicious meal or a scenic view?  Nourishment – of the body and the spirit.  When we remove distractions and extravagances – even things that we consider to be necessities – we learn the value of the original purpose of nourishing our selves.  This is how we learn the ‘why.’

I, myself, have a natural aversion to eating things that I have personally grown or working to heal myself, as though I may do something wrong and it’s just not worth it to try.  I, of course, know better than to trust this condition because I have educated myself to know better than that.  There is nothing more nourishing than tending to one’s own needs with delicate care and consideration.  However, school definitely didn’t teach me that, and in fact, taught me the direct opposite.  And 1-3 hours of daily doses of television for most of my life have likely taught me to fear anything that doesn’t come out of a box.

Although I am not American and I may not be “fine,” I am your fellow human on the planet Earth who is doing new things every day to better her life.  This blog is a part of this effort, and this challenge is one that I want to share with you.

I have to be honest, though…

I don’t know very much about meditation.  But I do know enough to think that this is at least worth a shot.  To make things easier for those who choose to participate, from January 20th, 2017, for one hundred days, I will be posting a new tip or technique to help both you and I on our journey to finding our roots to the whole of humanity and all life on this planet (and even beyond!)

This project is not dedicated to preaching or practicing any one specific belief system, and Transcendental Meditation was chosen as an example.  I will endeavor to delve into any and all mindfulness techniques and welcome any suggestions as well.  This is to be an organic endeavor for intuiting the best ways for us to understand and share with one another.

Welcome and enjoy!

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My name is Alex and I’m a human inhabitant of the planet Earth.  But I am actually so much more than that.  I am an eternal soul, intertwined with your life force in ways that we are only beginning to comprehend.

Many refuse to recognize the obvious questions that surround us.  I am not one of these people.  There is no waste of time in the pursuit of learning and there are no frivolities in the realm of understanding.  My purpose is to adventure, explore, and most of all, to love and appreciate every single moment of it.

Peace is not equivalent to happiness.  Peace is the embodiment of the Eternal All.  Peace is the recognition that life is the sum of its parts.  There is no better, there is no worse.

As a physical, feeling entity, I want life to feel good.  But feeling good is not what life is all about.

Why should I feel good while others suffer?

This is the question that I have felt since my inception and carries me through this life.  If I cannot understand the why, I will never be able to accomplish the how.  How do I feel good and find happiness?  By doing nothing, other than accepting what comes to me based on how I project myself onto the world.

This is one part of my journey in learning how to project the best version of myself onto the world.  I welcome you to join me in this intention and I value the reciprocal impact you have on me.

Please follow my daily meditations during this 100 day journey at the top right of this page in the section called ‘Daily Blog.’

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I welcome any and all comments, questions and suggestions.  However this project inspires you, I welcome you to share.  May we join in our intentions for creating the space for all to live together as one.