Daily Journey

Day One-Hundred: Rise

Why begin something if only to finish it?  If I had started this blog only to get to the end, well here I am.  I have made nothing with completing this if not the rewards of going through the process.  I have learnt so much about the power of meditation and of the privilege of hosting an audience.  These are two lessons that I will keep with me for my entire life. Continue reading “Day One-Hundred: Rise”


Day Ninety-Nine: Compartmentalization

Fighting between media organizers occurs on the regular.  It happens through the use of news stories.  These are the world’s corporate elites fighting over the ad revenue that our viewership and/or recognition of their efforts provides.  They may all serve the same master, but they still all want to live the better lifestyle in their service. Continue reading “Day Ninety-Nine: Compartmentalization”

Day Ninety-Eight: The Receiver

Students are fighting against the freedom of speech.  Are these masked, black-clad aggressors students or are they terrorists?  How have these people been incited to regress into such destructive behavior?  What will be the result of this behavior? Continue reading “Day Ninety-Eight: The Receiver”

Day Ninety-Seven: Regime Change

Everything is happening for the first time.  The past, the future – it’s like they don’t even exist.

I always knew that these voices would turn out to be beings representative of some part of the cosmic order.  Now I recognize that their legion includes my body and mother earth.  When I pray with arms lifted to thank the esoteric voices in the sky father of our minds, I also lower my hands down to thank the mother for her connection of the voices to us.  When I smoke cannabis, I am opening myself to hearing the messages from my body or some organ within, or from pachamama or some plant or animal.  In which ever way I hear it, the voice is from the same intention.  It wants me to be better to self and to the balance of all.  The different voices give me different tones and make helpful suggestions dependent on the scenario.  They can be firm and understanding.  Sometimes they are louder than others, depending on what we do to welcome them. Continue reading “Day Ninety-Seven: Regime Change”

Day Ninety-Six: Promises

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a partner. 

It would be hard to say that I have felt like that often in the last few years, but that now seems to be changing.  I thought that I would stay happiest if I was alone so that I could do what I want.  Now I realize that I want to be with someone and be who I am at the same time anyways.  I want to express myself to others and to be felt.  This is the ideal scenario.  I want to be with the good people who can feel others and who express themselves feelingly.  I want to be honest about what I feel and how it feels to be felt.  This is not a test.  This shit is live. Continue reading “Day Ninety-Six: Promises”

Day Ninety-Five: Proportions

If you had eyes to see and ears to hear, you would recognize that the myths of our world – both ancient and modern – are reflections of the bloodlines that have dominated the majority since the beginnings of our civilization.  This is not allegory; these are direct descriptions of actual occurrences that take place, although the stories are mired with details that one must “see” (know) to understand.  You can’t know what you do not know.  Hierarchies exist for the containment of knowledge and until we step up to the next level, we will not know what we have been missing out on in our perspective.  If we did, we would be too curious to resist the pursuit of an answer.  Maybe you wouldn’t be about the resist but I sure as fuck could not, and neither could many others.  Continue reading “Day Ninety-Five: Proportions”

Day Ninety-Four: Explanations

Hoping that you understand me is what this venture is all about.  I am here as a writer, using words to convey meaning (whether personal, communal or universal).  As physical beings, we are all here hoping to be understood. Continue reading “Day Ninety-Four: Explanations”