Day One-Hundred: Rise

Why begin something if only to finish it?  If I had started this blog only to get to the end, well here I am.  I have made nothing with completing this if not the rewards of going through the process.  I have learnt so much about the power of meditation and of the privilege of hosting an audience.  These are two lessons that I will keep with me for my entire life.

Because I like for things to come in threes – the number of balance – and after thinking about it and writing up until this point, the third thing that I will take from this experience is that there is no end, only a new beginning.  This is something that I have already learnt and I feel that I understood quite well, but every time we start something new and follow it to completion, we affirm this understanding and make it more powerful in our lives and that of all life.  When we do things not for the purpose of getting somewhere, but for receiving and giving in the moment, then we will finally live in a world where we all live in balance.  A world of threes: you, me and us.

It is a shame that any of us would be judged on any 100 days, or any segment of time.  We are here, waiting to be seen right now.  We want to be understood.  We want to see you seeing us.  We want to feel and to let go so that we may feel again.  We want to harmonize.  We don’t want to be judged on any 100 days of our lives, either.

I am a cluster of ideas, ever changing and ever experiencing.  I am a vessel for information, meant to receive and transmit.  I am here to understand myself and you and our relationship.  When I judge you on any time, I am giving up on understand the cluster of ideas that is you, me or us.

And open mind and open heart share in open love.  Our spirit is in its element when we are in love.  Love is abundant but it is presently trapped in our bodies.  We think that we are meant to love ourselves because that is where love is trapped.  We can no longer control our giving and receiving of it.  We take drugs to help us along and fill our lives with distractions from the truth.  We must allow the cycle to continue.  We must release love from the grip of ego.  Love is like our bodies, which need to cycle to stay alive.  Spirit, be filled with love so that we may continue forward, sharing with all who need to be filled, too.

Meditation, education and vacation will never cease or we are lost.  A society of people who do not reflect, who do not question, who do not share is a society built on fear, greed and aggression.  It is a society that accuses others before deep consideration of its own role in the guilt.  It is a society of people who will repeat ad nauseam every bite of information that their archetype is expected to repeat and nothing truly new.  It is a society that would rather drop bombs than speak openly in a forum for all to hear and deliberate.

We don’t all need to call the shots.  Many of us are able to follow others without ego.  But for any of these things to happen, we must preclude that trust must be earned and business must be conducted out in the open.  If there are people who are looking after themselves better than others who deserve more then we have a problem.  There is no respect in this type of society because there is no reason to trust.  We cannot be trusted.  Love is trapped within us and there is hardly any felt between us.   Love will breed trust.  Trust will breed respect.  When we can respect the intrinsic love within each of us through trust that it is there, then we will have a society that functions.

Until then, we have meditation.  Through practice, we will reach the next level that will give us the perspective to reach higher.  It is the only way.  Meditate to save us from ourselves.  Sure, it’s not good or bad where you are now, but until you know what things meditation brings, you just don’t know.  And that’s not good or bad – it’s just not.

I’d rather be.


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