Day Ninety-Nine: Compartmentalization

Fighting between media organizers occurs on the regular.  It happens through the use of news stories.  These are the world’s corporate elites fighting over the ad revenue that our viewership and/or recognition of their efforts provides.  They may all serve the same master, but they still all want to live the better lifestyle in their service.

People are too dumb and busy to educate their own children.  They don’t even educate themselves.  They only know to entertain themselves.  Meanwhile, what is entertaining our children today has been designed for decades and we were the ideal test subjects.  I was a part of the first generation to grow up with technology pervading throughout our entire lives. This technology has advanced significantly since then, but we provided the basis for that advancement through the market research we both willingly and unwillingly participated in.  We allowed ourselves to be tested and now they know exactly how to manipulate our children and we are allowing this manipulation because we don’t know any better.  All of our instincts are telling us that this is not right, but many of us haven’t given it much thought beyond the deep feeling of guilt and regret.  Instead, we cloud our judgments with many other not right things that we do in our every day lives.  How can we hear the voices telling us we’re being wrong when we’re too busy blaming ourselves or others to even know that anything else is going on?

Sometimes I listen to trap music even thought I also think it sounds like pigs being murdered.  It’s like with watching CNN and Fox News, I just want to know how people are being brainwashed.  I hear the words of the song repeating “blah blah blah drinking whiskey all night,” and I know how impactful that is on the weak minded.  But I also hear the incredible beat and fucking weird melody and I can appreciate how people neglect to read into even the superliminal messages.  This shit is off the chain.  It’s just like television, although I don’t fuck with that shit anymore.  I know how deadly poisonous it is now, seeing the instant disconnection and the inability to discuss anything but television as symptoms of the zombie epidemic.  I will not watch zombie programs because I will not be laughed at while I think that I am being entertained.

Compartmentalization means that people at the bottom have no idea what they are missing out on when they don’t know what is not privy to their eyes.  It is for others’ eyes only and the fast food jihadists have no idea that they are serving the very forces they think of as the most ultimate evil. 

If it’s the truth, you don’t have to apologize to anybody for saying it.  Don’t worry about losing people along the way.  When they are ready to find that information, you’ll be the first person on their minds – not that it matters, though.  The important this is that you plant the seeds of life and hope for growth, continuing to serve the needs of the sprout until it bears its fruits.


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