Day Ninety-Eight: The Receiver

Students are fighting against the freedom of speech.  Are these masked, black-clad aggressors students or are they terrorists?  How have these people been incited to regress into such destructive behavior?  What will be the result of this behavior?

Ann Coulter and her followers are shit-disturbers.  They suck but who gives a fuck?  Any sane person should be able to press ‘ignore’ or walk away.  Haven’t we all learned that if you ignore something annoying, it will eventually run out of energy and stop being annoying.  Annoying things feed off of our annoyance.  It’s really simple science: the annoyance feedback loop.

We don’t have to go out and fight evil alone.  We should be ready and willing to join a team, even if it is led by people who haven’t traditionally been respected.  We need to learn to trust each other.  When we emit positive energy at others (i.e. through feelings, compliments, listening, striving to understand and empathize, etc), we receive positive emissions from them rather than negative.  Resentment feeds aggression.  Gratitude feeds benevolence.  It’s really so simple.

I am no longer writing for the greater community.  I am writing for the greatest among us; those who are prepared to lead and are willing to take on the responsibility of passing good things along.  No longer will I feed into the negativity of others because I will not emit negativity.  

Meditation has taught me more about connection than I ever thought that I could learn.  I had already learnt so much about metaphysics through books, lectures and psychedelics.  Meditation provides me an awareness of letting go through the practice of letting go.  It is not enough to learn something – we must complete the cycle and let go of that knowledge, and that happens through sharing.  If we only take and keep, we will become burdened with ego because we are hoarding information like shards of a mirror that reflects only us in myriad tiny, distorted versions of self. 

Let our vision be unified within self.  We need not cling to any ideas or information or even things or beings.  Everything exists in the now only and we must make/do/think/speak/be what we should now.  Reflect with the whole of yourself who you are to the world.  Let yourself be seen through your own eyes.  Give what you have, all of you, so that we may see the pieces on the table and how they fit together.  There is no other way for us to get through this.

Trust is based on honesty and honesty is based on sharing.  We cannot keep “who we are” aka what we know to ourselves.  It is simply unfair, egoistic and bad form to do so.  Position yourself to give as much as receive.


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