Day Ninety-Five: Proportions

If you had eyes to see and ears to hear, you would recognize that the myths of our world – both ancient and modern – are reflections of the bloodlines that have dominated the majority since the beginnings of our civilization.  This is not allegory; these are direct descriptions of actual occurrences that take place, although the stories are mired with details that one must “see” (know) to understand.  You can’t know what you do not know.  Hierarchies exist for the containment of knowledge and until we step up to the next level, we will not know what we have been missing out on in our perspective.  If we did, we would be too curious to resist the pursuit of an answer.  Maybe you wouldn’t be about the resist but I sure as fuck could not, and neither could many others. 

I don’t like the word piglet, just like I don’t like the words caplet and tablet.  Just like I don’t like it when people add on “up” to a description, like: “eat it up” or “fix it up”.  Sometimes it is appropriate, but most of the time it’s icky.  It’s sickly sweet and stinks of a happy-go-lucky attitude.  That shit’s not for me.  And although I haven’t met anyone who agrees with me, I have no doubt that they are out there because I see signs of them in their creative omissions.

Paranoia is a term that has stuck to me like a shadow for many years.  I didn’t put it there – it was sewn upon me like a tag with washing instructions that describe the constitution of this garment.  I object.  I know that I am being watched.  I know this because if I had evolved to have the kind of analytical and understanding brain that comes from generations of eyes that see and ears that hear; people interbreeding the best of their intellectual traits between successful families – if I was one of these people, I would want to know what I am doing.  I am a trend-setter.  I am not this intentionally – I just happen to seek out new information and share it.  I am a part of the filtering process.  I have not yet come near the source, but I do know that it exists, and I know that it is not the ultimate source, but something artificially derived. 

Nevertheless, the ones in the know like to see how the information gets to me, what I choose to indulge, disperse, and discard.  They like to watch how people catch this information and how they decide when to trust me and when not to.  They know more about us than we will ever know about ourselves… if we continue wearing these vices on our heads that distort our perception.

Oh well… what’s the use trying to convince people when they do not know to use the tools that they were born with and instead stop their feet at how unfair our current predicament is.  We were not bred for the big bite.  We were bred for loyalty.  Good owners know how to take care of their pets and good pets never catch wind of the inequality in their relationship.


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