Day Ninety-Four: Explanations

Hoping that you understand me is what this venture is all about.  I am here as a writer, using words to convey meaning (whether personal, communal or universal).  As physical beings, we are all here hoping to be understood.

When I pass someone by and make contact with their essence in their eyes, I am seeing through their door into their world, glimpsing all that exists within.  There is hardly a way that I could register it all, but with enough practice, I can learn to recognize the markers that point to the presence of this or that.  As complex as we are, there is so much that we share with one another.  The point is that we learn to do the sharing work willingly.

Our connections already exist.  All we have to do is pass by our attractor, the magnet end of ours finding its polar match.  The idea of ‘opposites attracting’ is one that is assumed to mean that differences are what brings us together.  We all have differences, yes, but we are all magnets.  We come together with the people who compliment what we have to offer, lest we become torn apart.  When we speak and our words are not heard, we cease to function as we are meant to – with free-flowing energy tranversing from our being to the next.

The patterns of our world are impeccable, when energy is allowed to flow with only the most natural of distortions (i.e. each of our individual essences in full bloom).  This state of existence that is mostly free from distortion is the state that is full of the shitty, lewd, gross stuff that society for the most part doesn’t like to see.  Once we make ourselves uncomfortable, it becomes that much more of a challenge to have anything come out, whether good or bad.

Communication is something that needs to be free flowing.  It must involve a meditative state, where we are conscious of ourselves and of the beings we are in commune with.  We must be able to let go of everything that does not serve the communication and give empowering energy to that which will help our commune grow and flourish.  We must water everything with love until our world is in bloom.  We have yet to witness this type of beauty in our lives so how can we expect to know what it is that we are missing in the winter of our discontent?

Maybe that winter is over.  Maybe we were just temporarily transported to a shelter while our brains and bodies thaw, but what has happened to our spirits while we were in this frozen state?  Magnets lose their connection when in cold temperatures.  We are forgetting our purpose.  We are forgetting to connect.

Fuck the language/gender/sexual/racial/familial/political/financial/ideological/traditional barriers.  They are not real.  We have every ability to transfer energy between ourselves in this physical realm.  All we have to do is use the tools given to us.  We have five “known” physical senses, albeit barely understood in the practical sense, because although each of us is not equally adept in any of these senses, to be a human, we must be able to use at least some of these.  We can listen, sing, observe, imbibe, and feel… feel everything.

Each object in our universe emits vibrations and we can feel them, at least once we have the capacity to do so.  First, it is time to thaw out and regroup.  Forget everything else on your plate and do this, with each being in mind with which we share this existence: start by feeling the vibrations within your being.  Learn where you vibrate the most and use that extra energy to make connections.  Focus on the parts that vibrate the most highly in other beings and use that extra energy to make connections.  There is no need to judge this energy as good or bad – we need to build up our individual powers so that our communities can benefit from being filled with strong individuals.  We are no longer masters and slaves.  We are each stewards.  If we are not, we may as well freeze to death because the stilted communication of the master/slave paradigm is one that will kill our spirits, regardless.

A.I. world is upon us.  Will you be the one to populate it?  Or will you reconnect with your real intelligence and feel?


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