Day Ninety-One: Beliefs

There is an important question in psychiatry: not what’s wrong with you but what’s happened to you?  Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed.

We are all in a state of trauma these days and it is a sane reaction to insane circumstances that is causing more of us to hear voices speaking to us, helping us deal with what is happening when we feel like we cannot share the trauma in our minds.

You cannot oppress the people who fear no more.  Beliefs can change the world.

The scout walks alone.  It’s the loneliest walk of all, that’s why it is respected and it is hardest.  That’s why the scouts knife is sharp on both edges.  It cuts your life to go out into the world of your enemy to see who they are, to the belly of the beast.  But once you make it there, you have to come back to the light for balance.

I write for the beauty of words.  I write to keep the convention of putting experiences to words in our existence. Because what are we if not sharing.


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