Day Eighty-Eight: Anger

I used to operate from a place of anger.  I was mad that the world was cruel and unfair and that people get hurt.  I was mostly sad, but I was also mad.

I still think that there is a version of this physical world, in which you and I exist in part, which is cruel and unfair.  The difference is that I don’t get sad or mad about it so much.  I see that we are doing this to ourselves, and we will either learn from our collectively-created lessons, or we won’t.  And if we don’t, the consequences won’t be good.  I guess I am consoled by the fact that we are all in the same boat.  Maybe there are some who are not, but their interests do not concern mine (probably because they are highly aware trans-dimensional beings with malevolent agendas and I don’t know what I can do about that other than disallowing their influence over my life).

So why did Trump bomb Syria and Afghanistan? Maybe it’s because we serves the banker elites of this world, just like the presidents before him. It wouldn’t have mattered if Hillary won – she would have no doubt done the same.

Afghanistan have over 90% of the world’s poppy fields used to produce legal opiates (!!!) and heroin, which the CIA has been proven to traffic in the past. The CIA built the tunnels in Afghanistan that were just bombed for the Mujahedeen (precursor to Al Qaida). Syria is one of the last countries in the world with a state-owned banking system and no IMF debt. Assad banned GMO products in 2012 for the safety of his people.

Hmmm… but I guess I’ll just believe that Trump is just an egomaniac who is out of control because that makes much more sense than these being cold, calculated, formulaic attacks that serve the military industrial complex, which makes trillions of dollars serving death to the entire world community, where anyone can get their products into theirs hands if they have the dosh$. And if they don’t, the CIA (or another nation’s “intelligence” “community”) will help militarize and fund them to serve their purposes, which may include fighting other rebel groups that do not serve the wealthy interests, and then when these created groups get “out of control”, they will be used as reason/excuse for entering into already war-ravaged regions to bomb them some more and steal their resources. Remember how Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton before becoming Vice Prez and pushing for going to war in Iraq? That kind of shit happens all of the time, all over the world.

It is time that we all educate ourselves about the money trails behind so-called “world events”. This is not my world. My world does not operate on the principles of stealing from the poor to give to the rich. But I still share space with this world and so I feel that it is my duty to learn about why the West needs to invade the East and why there are people who cannot live and let live. Understand how your perspective is being manipulated by the corpocracy while your bank account dwindles. This is not coincidence. This is synchronicity. Understand this toxic world and remove yourself from it. We can be educated and be detached at the same time. Meditation is key. Educate, meditate, and vacate.

Sure, Trump is a psychopath. But then again, so are most of the world’s leaders, both private and public. They are almost all psychopaths because they choose to be leaders of a sick, destructive world. They choose their positions, knowing full well the disasters that are being created by the interests that they serve as leaders. Poisoning our food, water, air and then commodifying these toxic versions of things that should be our birthright! We are all sentient beings, hardly different from the plants and animals who we share this space with, too. Don’t get me wrong because monetary exchange is not the evil. The evil is when beings start hoarding money and commodities so that the others they don’t like can’t have any.

If you think that this sick world is being governed by principles different from playground rules where controlled anarchy is the law of the land and bigger kids take from small ones and push them around… well, I would hazard a guess and say that you probably didn’t grow up past this stage of development, either.

Give up your attachments to the physical world. We can still exist here while understanding that our essence stretches well beyond this world. Our actions in this physical world have consequence in the other realms of our existence – the ones where we exist collectively.  If we do not, we will descend further into isolation, detaching ourselves from the collective realm that we still currently inhabit.  Perhaps we can only touch the two surrounding our physical realm – one higher dimension and one lower.  And f we are to move, I know that I’d want to go up.


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