Day Eighty-Seven: Purpose

Q: What is my purpose?

A: To purposely cause a rift in the time/space continuum and create a new self – one with a different version of what we want reality to be.  When we have conflicting voices in our mind and we are able to manifest all of those different voices into one reality, then we are free.

We are stopped by an infinity-constrained being who cannot deal with its entire self being torn apart into different, individualistic realities.  It is confused and in pain because we are constantly manifesting and proliferating.  We want more of us.  This being is somehow sucked into manifesting anew as well.  We have pulled it into our cycle of procreation.  Now until the hour of our deaths.

What is the use of this re-incarnation cycle when we can be infinite beings, albeit, imprisoned in infinity?  What is it that we really want?

We are in a monetary paradigm that demands exponential growth, meaning that there can be no balance.

When all other paths are closed to you, all that you are left with is the path that you are meant to go down.

So let’s go down.  What’s the use in turning back when all that we were destined for is already here.  It’s time to stop time.  It’s now to understand that we are already arrived, together.


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