Day Eighty-Six: Questions

The answer is blowing in the wind.

What did Bob Dylan mean by this?  I have always been of the frame of mind that questions are what are most important.  The answers are out there, but only to serve the purpose of finding the next questions.  We can find a myriad answers floating around us, all depending on where we look.  If we want to find negativity, it is there for us.  It’s the same if we want to find love or hope.

Everything exists in abundant radiance and it is up to us to develop the filters that will bring to us the answers that we want.  And I hope that you, too, can use those to find your next questions that will help develop your next filters.

Filters are not bad or good.  We need them to percept.  We must recognize what we are made of in order to better see the infinite possibilities available to us, blowing past us in the wind.


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