Day Eighty-Four: Innocence

Some days, I need to keep reminding myself that everything needs to happen one day at a time.  Some days, I want to get ahead of myself and think about all of the possible ways that something can go.  Sometimes, this is a magical journey in which I envision the beautiful world that I want to help create and I go to this future place so that I can work out the best ways to get there now.

Other times, I dwell on all of the ways that I can screw up the future based on what I am doing now.  These are not the good times.  This is when I need to keep reminding myself to just get through this and to take things one day at a time.  If I don’t convince myself to let go, I will drown in these thoughts, as I believe that so many people do on a daily basis.  I need to keep my strength so that I can keep swimming.

Words are used to express our visions.  When we see something and take it in very quickly without digesting the experience with words used to describe the experience, then we lose our physical grasp on that vision and it sinks back into the depths of the collective.  It may swim past us again, but we need to be prepared at all times to catch it with our words or it will keep slipping away until it moves on to another spot in the river of our minds.

We are some of the first incarnations of humans in a long time to experience existential crises.  I was reading a Neale Donald Walsh article this morning and he brought this idea to my mind that there used to be people who would go through their entire lives believing in the same system of the world, hardly likely to encounter any ideas that would shake that belief system to its core.  Now we go through these sorts of earth shattering experiences on a fairly regular basis, both individually and collectively.  Scientific revelations, shifting prejudices, archaeological discoveries, finding out your long-term partner is cheating on you…. there is so much that we instantly all learn at relatively the same time these days and it would be so naive of us to think that all of this new information is not having huge effects on us.

As such, when too much information is provided which errs on the side of speculation, we are clearly being distracted from delving more deeply into the stories that matter – those that are worth our time to imagine about how they will integrate into our future and how we can make the world a better place by going along a journey of our imaginations.

We cannot allow our fantasies to become polluted with this junk news that we are getting about which political leaders get along with which.  We have become accustomed to watching reality television shows so much that we did not notice when our political sphere transitioned into this judgmental realm.  Never forget that we are all beings with large potential and that we should not waste our time involving our minds in judging another’s worth.  Let’s help each other by working on ourselves!

And so, Y; am I naive or am I innocent?  I don’t have an answer for that question.  It is not for me to judge myself, either.  I can only keep going, one day at a time, jumping however many steps that I can manage at a time, if I feel up to it.  I don’t need to prove anything, although I do want to keep working at what I do and any kind of judgment cramps my style.  Let’s be cool, bro.


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