Day Eighty-One: Trust

I miss my dad.  I wish he was here.  I could really use one of his hugs right now.  He was an incredible person – totally larger than life.  He would know exactly what to think about someone and he was an excellent barometer for how I should feel about new people.

My dad taught me that I shouldn’t waste my time being honest about everything because it’s not worth it to hurt other people.  Do I want to hurt them?  No.  So why bother trying to explain myself when the end result is going to be pain for everyone anyways?

I don’t know if I will ever think in the same way that he did.  I took a lot from him, both good and bad, but there’s a lot that I don’t know if I am able to accept.  There must be value in honesty.  There must be a purpose for it, and trusting one another is likely a big part of that purpose.  When we create a network of trust, we no longer have to say things to each other that might be hurtful – each of us will just know everything that anyone else is thinking as though the thoughts are a part of our own thinking.

What do I do about someone telling me not to trust someone?  I guess I have to let it go.  I will take the good from our relationship and do my best to avoid the bad.  We are all both good and bad so why let someone’s bad qualities get in the way of their good?


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