Day Eighty: Mission

When we leave things up to chance, we are opening ourselves to forces that have laid the system down that may/will potentially/likely trap us.  They cannot simply take us, unless of course they are all powerful, but they can ensnare us against our will but within our ignorance. 

Looking at a screen and then looking at the rest of the world, it looks like something has been blacked out from our perspective where that screen should be (i.e. right in front of our own perspective – wherever we are looking ahead).

I seem to want to please other people when really I could be pleasing myself or the beings that surround me.  Why change myself to fit others when I can change the shape of the others around me to make them fit my life better.  It’s all about who makes the best choices, isn’t it?

We are living on a planet at the edge of the regular universe where evil has been banished. It is up to humans to redeem this planet, which has so much good on it that needs to be saved.  Having this block on our planet where evil can’t leave means that our telepathic connection with the rest of the universe is also blocked.

How did we get here?  We chose to come here.  We chose to help.  We fell into some traps of feeling and of wanting to exist forever instead of just completing our mission and returning home.  Mission: banish evil; go home. Maybe home doesn’t feel like this, but with all of the hurt that is happening here, are these feelings really worth it?

Well, are they?!?!?


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