Day Seventy-Nine: Deception

“This is paradise.  But you gotta work for it.  You see, paradise is up there so you gotta keep climbing.”

Sweden is under attack.  We are all under attack.  Another truck being weaponized against people.  What is the message here?  These attackers of late tend to be known by authorities, have violent histories and are often connected to some important people and/or have spent time in psychiatric institutions.  Isn’t it timely that there was an illegal act of aggression perpetrated by the US, yet again?

This is not about DT.  Each successive administration since Clinton’s has dropped bombs on innocent civilians in faraway nations many times.  These governmental actions are not labeled terrorist attacks.  To me, this scenario looks akin to the Israeli military standing locked and fully loaded against Palestinians with rocks.

This is not for everyone to comprehend, because a lot of people seem to want to over-complicate every scenario and make it about a million different things (which everything in existence is, of course, but we don’t tend to over-complicate getting angry about a wrong order at a fast food restaurant).  To me, all this boils down to funding the military-industrial complex, theft of resources, pride, and blood sacrifices.  This is a pattern that has been repeated a lot lately, and for many millennia previously.  It is human nature, to have both good and bad in balance.  There will always be bad aspects and good aspects.  How we react to them is our power.

The newscasters must be so bored.  Here they have an opportunity to cover a story about the injustices of war and an administration visibly representative of the worst in humanity and they have yet another truck assassin to deal with.  Is this some kind of a sick joke?  Recycled scripts?

If you think I’m crazy, you’re probably right.  But fuck that sanity out there.  Not interested.


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