Day Seventy-Seven: Magic

I was on my NTHE group’s page this morning reading some posts when a trail of thought led me to Cloud Atlas and I put on “the sextet” and went to the upstairs veranda at the house I am sitting for the day to take in the view.  It was like having someone playing the piano in the next room while listening alone, imagining what it feels like to be next to that person playing the song, or being that person, or being the piano, or the notes flying through the air.  And while consumed by the song and engrossed in this line of thinking, I put my hands over my head in prayerful sublime gratitude for having this beautiful moment.  I notice two vultures circling in the sky ahead of me over the valley of the jungle, fringed by the blue of the expansive ocean.  Watching them round slowly, sometimes doing figure eights, guided by the movement of the wind, I find myself with them, imagining what it’s like to glide on the currents.  Without shifting my focus, I am transitioned through the moments that I have experienced of being in the flow.  I immediately notice that I am going through this and I dive back in, feeling the waves that the birds ride, then the flow of myself in the water.  I feel myself catching the wave, and see myself doing it at the same time.  I’m in in the clouds, back sailing on the wind.  I am with all of the people who I love and every moment I’ve ever shared with anyone that felt like pure magic – connection.  The more experiences we personally go through, and the more we read to vicariously fill in the gaps, or even the more active our imagination (most naturally accessed through the innocence of children, although it can also be practiced), the more places that we can travel in this journey of the spirit, in connection with all. 

Seeing this majestic view and all of the houses littered throughout the valley, the yellow flowers in the trees this time of year, and the rippling of the ocean, everything looks as though it’s in reach and I can be anywhere that I want/need to be.  And really, in spirit is the best way.  By connecting to everything all at once, in harmony with all of the notes we all put together, the tone is always going to be masterful.

My writing page crashes as I write this – on a new Apple laptop – and I immediately feel that it’s the grid that watches us wanting me to crash, too; to feel anger, which eats away at our mental sphere.  Anger is one of the ways that our body manifests itself in the mind, motivated by an over abundance of physical sensation.  I choose not to feel anger.  I put my Air Book down and listen to Philip Glass and enjoy the terrifying yet beautiful butterfly that flutters past and hear the cows mooing in the distance.  Life is sensational but it doesn’t need to be consumed through the bad, crackly channels or the one’s with the bad advertising.  We can put our hands up in prayer and love every moment that we experience and feel our connection with the all.  Nothing is lost and nothing is won.  We transfer things amongst ourselves and we are all free to experience what we want/need in that mix, if we can get to it, and there are many avenues by which to travel.

Some of us are made to feel nothing so that our allegiance can easily be bought.  Those of us who are unmotivated by morality are motivated by money.  Watching tv shows about any of the current topics of murder mystery, suspense, magic/“futuristic” technology, and sex(!!!), people are repressed into zombie versions of themselves where they no longer think in terms of their own lives but in terms of character lives.  What’s the point of experiencing things ourselves when we can have them vicariously through characters?  I watch only one show at the moment and it’s a cartoon.  I think that cartoons are the only viable form of pure entertainment because there is no murder mystery (characters often die and come back to life within the same episode in cartoons), the suspense is always of ridiculous circumstances and outcomes, there is no sex appeal (I don’t watch those kinds of cartoons) and the magic is in the story-telling.  In cartoons, all kinds of absurdities are used to makes very simple and salient points on social commentary.  There are things that cartoons can get away with that an actor or producer or someone else might not want to be involved in for all kinds of fearful reasons.  I feel like the attempts to break us down work on some but not others.  We all will always be in balance.  If some of us break, others of us will grow!  We will rise up to bring the others back up.  We just have to learn how to work this balance and we’ll get it right soon.  I can feel it.


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