Day Seventy-Four: Abroad

There is a thunderstorm rolling in.  I have so many plans for today and all I want to do is keep lying around, doing nothing.  Lolling is one of my most favourite things to do.

I am currently living in my second country abroad for an extended period of time.  I believe that these experiences are central to my development.  I am learning other languages and cultures.  I am having experiences very different to most of my peers.  Life is not always easy, but it feels magical.  I always feel like I’m buzzing and full of life, kind of how other people feel when they are traveling.

Living abroad has translated for me into a belief that people should take sabbaticals from their lives in all cases.  For instance, married couples should take sabbaticals when they feel like they are no longer developing in a positive trend.  When we go away from something, we gain perspective on it and learn new things as a result.  We are then able to bring those things back with us, and we should want to share those tools.

We human beings need to shed our grudges and let go of any pain that was caused.  We don’t need to be in pain anymore!  Of course, pain will still be there, and we will dip into it when we need to gain perspective on what we are grateful for, but pain should only be a tool, not a life directive.

How do we get rid of the pain?  We change what we are doing.  There is no other way but change.  Everyone who has ever changed knows this.

It is time for us all to change, collectively.


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