Day Seventy: Time

We will tell, not time.  Time does not exist.  We will decide what is going to become of us and we will have our own wills to reckon with.  We are not incapable imbeciles anymore.  We have information at our disposal that we can link into and by processing it internally, it changes us.

The truth will set us free. But The Truth is a wholeness that exists outside of time, in the realm of Always.  The only thing that exists is the now, in which we are always changing and observing the change.  The less that we engage in our observation of that change, the more that we feel the passage of time, not allowing our minds to appreciate the now.  Instead, we scan across our timelines, thinking about all of the things that were or could have been.

Our egos could be healthy aspects of our self, the observer in the cycle along with the thinker and the doer.  But they can also be engorged, creating a false sense of time in which the observer can spend more of that ‘time’ observing, as though it is the most important of the aspects of self.  These are lies that we tell ourselves because we are somehow convinced that everyone is living in this way so we must as well.

It is not true.

Not everyone is living with ego at the helm.  There are people who will more things and there are people who get things done.  We seem to have niched ourselves, rather than each of us possessing a healthy balance of all three and being able to free the cycle.  No more compensation, just everyone living their purpose.


4 thoughts on “Day Seventy: Time

  1. Time is purely human. It is because we desire that we have time. Once we desire something we measure how long it takes to get it. When people tell me time is just flying by, I know they desire quite a bit. It’s not time amping up it is desires amping up. The more we desire the less time we have to be in the now.


  2. Yes, I am only just putting this together, even though for many years I have recognized that desires are a driving force. And I have known about the relativity of time and even the “in-existence” of it, but it only clicked for me recently that the two are tied together when someone said to me the age old saying that “only time will tell”. I answered: “only we will tell because time does not exist and we have wills”. Something that I’ve struggled with for a while is determining if our wills are wants or needs based. I am still looking to find where needs fit into the puzzle, although they would seem to be more natural and hopefully less corruptible, but even that feels fickle.

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  3. It all depends a persons definition of need. You need air to breathe, nothing fickle about that. What most people say they need is fickle, but what we truly need is natural and less corruptible. The will is purely masculine, so it is wants. Nature is the living sacred feminine. Nature is going to do what she does naturally, if you get in her way it’s your own fault. Nature never pushes her will on anything or anyone, no matter what religion or science say. It is are own wants that cause nature to do certain things, like chopping down all the trees. At least that’s how I see it. 😉

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  4. I agree. Nature is need and we are all a part of it. Where I see it becoming corruptible is in our changing our nature through modifications. We can change the equilibrium for the worse by trying to adjust it for the better. It is, after all, our nature to be pleasure seekers by virtue of comfort for the sake of survival. But it is also in our nature to be focused in our perspective and not see the whole picture. I’m hoping that we each find a way to shift our perspective to the collective by natural means and ignore the gm or bionics routes for now. I don’t think we’re quite ready for that yet. Maybe soon, but not until we learn our lessons from nature first.


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