Day Sixty-Nine: Honesty

I was quietly behind Brexit. I didn’t make my opinion vocal because I often have opinions about things on which I know not very much about (understatement of the year so far) and I try not to claim knowledge that I do not possess. I have since reversed my opinions on Brexit, mainly because I’ve learnt a few more things in the last year about politics and social dynamics than I knew previously. I have The Donald to thank for that, because he is a brilliant teacher about how darkly the ego manifests if we pursue those ends that feed it.

This lesson about the ego is what made me pro-Brexit in the past, just as I thought that The Donald would be the best option to become President. I know that I felt these opinions because they were inevitable, but also because we needed to see what’s behind the curtain since it’s already in our room. This was our time to learn about the depths that we will sink when we are ruled by ego. I was repulsed by the celebrities speaking out against DT and Brexit, if only because the majority of them have done some despicable things themselves, a main ‘thing’ of which would be selling their souls to the ‘devil’ aka ego by the very nature of the business with which they entered into contract.

The main lesson that I learnt in the last year is that there are a number of economies that are well worth supporting, and they all tend to revolve around community. As such, I have come full circle and I support the existence of unions of all varieties, as long as they operate on the principles of integrity.  Because if I know anything, I know that our politicians up until this point have not operated with integrity, never mind those at the top of the private sectors, nor even those who claim to lobby for our interests.  Everyone has been corruptible until now, but it’s time to let go of ego and see that we still exist.  Our perspective will still exist… it will just be so much more clear because it will be so much more whole.

I do hope that you, like me, can see that we needed to be taught by these teachers, which we ourselves have brought into being in our collective sphere, and we must learn the lessons that they are here to teach us about being honest: with self, with others and in balance with all.


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