Day Sixty-Six: Humanity

We all feel ourselves all of the time. Some of us need to numb that feeling, but it’s still there, knocking at our doors of perception. Discomfort is a part of my self-awareness, telling me that I am awake.  If I did not challenge my comfort, how would I ever know that I was anything more than a physical being?

I guess that the whole reason for our awkwardness is to remind us that there is a part of us that is always watching what we do.  It is in these awkward times that we notice that we are being watched.  Like it or not, these are our most powerful moments.


3 thoughts on “Day Sixty-Six: Humanity

  1. You are observing yourself, your higher self in a way. You are the observer and the observed. I like to tell people to try to observe the observer.


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