Day Sixty-Seven: Chores

Chores; word: looks like ‘choices’, rhymes with ‘bores’.  For the last 67 days straight, I am writing this blog and meditating every day, just as every day I eat healthy, get exercise, make good choices, and be a good person.  All of that shit takes thoughtful consideration in every moment, needing to convince myself that I am executing the best of my wills.

There are times when I let some of the worse wills slip in, feeling too tired or desirous to stop them, maybe even inviting them in a little bit.  I am grateful that I feel guilty afterwards, even if it was an unbelievably satisfying itch to scratch while it was happening.  I want to do the best of my wills, and a lot of those feel good in their own ways, just perhaps less intensely so in the immediate, physical sense.

But because I see myself, watching me, and I am conscious that I am in multi-dimensional feedback loop, and yet somehow outside of it as well, I know that the lesser wills that I invite to be channeled through me will make manifest forces in this physical dimension of existence that I may not entirely like.  It’s like that person you meet who is super fun and exciting and you are so drawn to them, but after a burst of time spent together you realize how tiring they really are with their endlessly embellished anecdotes and expectations for the best times all of the time!

It really makes no sense to invite more of this mentality of anticipating awesomeness all of the time.  I cannot abide these kinds of people, even if I love awesomeness as much as the best human.  The difference is that I try to take in the ‘awesome’ on my own as much as possible, so that I can take it in, reflect on it, witness myself reflecting, and then witness the whole of the process as it cycles around, all while taking in everything around me, reflecting on it, and witnessing myself reflecting on it.

Being the ‘awesome’ that I will into existence and channel through my being is a chore that I do for others to know that the ‘awesome’ is there for each of us.  Anyone who ever performs in any manner does this for others to see that it is in each of us to access the ‘awesome’.  Each performer has their own way of expressing this message, but it is only those who have eyes to see and ears to hear that will understand their meaning.

What I am saying is that although I love my blog and my writing, it is only for those who have the ability to conceive the depth of my meaning that will understand its full value.  This value is in each of us to access and make manifest, but it is only those who already possess the ability to channel it – those and the ones who are blessed with receiving messages from on high. Imagine how powerful it must feel to be listened to with full intention and how glorious the message that would emanate from such an unadulterated source.

People who are pure, clean channels can receive a wider spectrum of messages, meaning that they will receive crossed lines or messages with a small bandwidth but they happen to be in the vicinity by serendipity.  These people are our gurus, spiritual masters, prolific writers, superstar artists, although at times, these artists may have also been subject to/have subjected self to opening channels through dark means like sacrifice or sex magick to access messages for which they are undeserved.  It does not mean that they go against the laws of the universe, if there were such a thing, but that they are skipping levels and using an advantage that others would not dare to use.

So what is morality, anyways?  Is it doing things that we know that we should do, even though they are harder, because they will benefit more people at a time?  I think so.  I think that is why we eat right, speak deliberately, show affection, practice awkward unknowing and take chances – we do these things so that we may all actually learn.  We get the biggest amount of information about the good in this physical existence when we practice the best wills and leave the lesser wills for last.


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