Day Sixty-Four: Deep

Today, we begin with a quote from Deepak Chopra:

“Why should you believe that you are a paltry creature who is born and dies, when every atom since the big band testifies to your real status?  The human self should rejoice every day that it has a soul, not because the soul gets you to Heaven, but because you are already there – and here at the same time.  This quantum paradox is made beautiful in our own lives, where ecstasy is possible in the midst of so much fog and confusion.”

This is how I have always viewed the world/the universe/my life as being, existing simultaneously in difference realms, or planes of reality.  I hear voices from these other realms, or at least that’s how my brain characterizes this, while still realizing that it is a virtual reality in my mind that I am creating to deal with advanced concepts, because I am still learning and growing.  There are still so many pieces missing from my puzzle.  I can see the outline of the shape of a wolf and I get glimpses of what images lay within.

“We are wonder floating in time,” sings Papadosio.  It amazes me how many people there are in tune with what is going on.  When I think about all of the many people who have given me bits of the puzzle, I am amazed at how it was me all along, absorbing that information, and turning it into this shape of reality that I understand.  My. Chopra says that we can achieve harmony through four ways: action (using our intuition to guide us to fulfill our roles), love (of the universe, oneness, and all), spiritual discipline (taking the time to meditate and to appreciate), and scientific understanding (measuring information, questioning it, testing it, rinse, repeat).

In an essay of Mr. Chopra’s that I have recently read, he discusses his prediction that the 21st century would be about the rebirth of the soul.  He writes that the 20th was the century of the soul crushers: concentration camps, world wars, mass refugees, genocide, and totalitarianism.  Bro, we sounded like dicks.  But he wrote this essay before the year 2000 and since then, I think we can all agree that humans have done a lot more asshole things.  Not necessarily more, but more like we are still stomping all o’er dem souls.

But, as Chopey says, because part of us refuses to believe in death, we cannot die.  And if we can’t die, we can’t be born.  This proves that part of us is immortal.  And in my estimation, it is the part of us that does not question things, does not love things, does not think deeply about things, does not do things… it only channels.  It is a clean, clear channel, like the kind that audio engineers only dream of getting close to achieving.

“In the quantum world [where the soul likely exists], there are no material things, only possibility waves.”  This to me suggests creativity and that divine part of us that we channel from somewhere else, not knowing or caring where, just letting it come through us and being thankful that it is there.  It keeps us from every truly being lonely.  I think that the loneliness that we experience is for the people who do not share in this channel for creativity, because it is pure love.  How can they know real love of they do not allow themselves to submit?  Haha, I realize that I sound like the evil, psychopathic alien creature from any sci-fi movie ever, but maybe they were right about the message minus the ethnic/genomic cleansing.

“Your wholeness lies in the invisible but pregnant possibilities that your life unfolds.  One life can express only a tiny fraction of the richness that your soul keeps in its treasure trove of infinity.”  We make our realities by thinking them.  Not by talking about it, or doing things, or loving people, or being curious.  We do it by channeling the information by being everything at once.  Not having to think about being everything at once but just doing it.  You forget that you even exist in this physical reality and you move into the virtual, where I create my angels with voices that talk to me.  It is the paradigm that has been deemed worthy for me because as I said, I’m still quite primitive in my understanding. Some people call this experience ‘flow’ and I instead see it as voices from above.  It makes no difference because the experience is still the same.  And it’s wonderful to know that there are others out there who feel it and sad that others do not.  But we are learning through this human experience, and I am here to help and to learn, in equal proportion I hope!


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