Day Sixty-Three: Cycles

I woke up this morning to a dead bird on my balcony, so I meditated with it and prayed for the birds to stay away from our windows.  We don’t mean to hurt them; but as humans, we create so many things that are so destructive to the life that surrounds us.

My cat just came outside to visit me and found the dead bird.  She has claimed it as her own catch and is currently bringing it to my mother to share it with her.  I really wanted to remove one of it’s feathers because it is a beautifully colored tropical bird with a bright yellow belly.  I get so squeamish in these scenarios and am always surprised with the firmness of beings that are or recently were imbued with life.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to have felt my dad right after he passed, but I can only think that it would feel something like me touching this dead bird – surprise at the firmness of the body.

This morning before my walk, I was writing to a dear friend of mine – a young woman, 10 years my junior, who I recently met at Envision Festival.  She lives in Canada and I only physically shared my space with her that one weekend, but I feel that we are kindred spirits.  We were instantly connected and I don’t think that our spirits will ever part.  Her name begins with M.  And my current lover, who is 10 years my senior and whose name also begins with M feels like a teacher of mine as well.  These two powerful spirits are here to guide me, sent by the God force to provide me with the dualistic message of balance and the push and pull of cycles.  My meditation this morning was a prayer to this God/creative force, one aspect of which is represented in numerology by the number 13 (M is also the 13th letter).  I meditated on the balance of this creative force and my place within, after which I decided to write to my female M.  Here is my letter to her, which I want to share with you for the reason that this could be anyone’s letter to anyone:

Dearest M,
I am so torn about how I feel about returning to Canada when I read your words.  I understand what you mean and I worry for my homeland – it used to be a place full of spirit and life for me, and then when I left to go to New Zealand, I already felt that I was falling out of love with the country and that it was my time to leave. I’m wondering if/when my time to return will come, or perhaps it is for me to do my work from this place of energy while it is still here and while the world needs to feel it.  
Yesterday, I posted a picture of a stunning view here in Costa Rica and I’ve received more likes on that picture than perhaps all of the blog posts that I posted to Facebook for the first 50 days of my 100 day meditation series combined.  I don’t think that my Canadian people have the patience, stamina, or spiritual energy to take in the detailed messages from the spirit world that I aim to share, which I feel that I/we channel in meditation.
I believe that it is for each of us to spend time with the spirit world, to learn things that we cannot see directly in our physical world. I loved the picture that you recently posted of you or your friend – not sure because it’s from behind – but I am always trying to encourage people to get back to nature and to recharge our spiritual batteries, as well as our mental batteries, and you have your arms up and out, embracing the energy around you. In nature, we can feel the ground, smell the life (or even death, like in the winter) and take in all of the sensations from being around plants, animals and earth.  And through this appreciation of the cycle of life, we use these beings as our channels to the spirit world. The appreciation of the beauty that is all around us is love and love is our endless energy source, which is always here to provide for us, as long as we make space for appreciation of life in our lives.
I have no doubt that you already know all of these things, but I say them to you anyways because sometimes it takes us hearing things in another’s words to remind us of what we already know:  Take the time to appreciate the creative force of everything that is, was and will ever be.  Take the time to appreciate the love that we each bring to the world, and the hurt that we cause – there is no wrong or right – there only is.  We can make this world into anything that we want it to be, and it will only be bad or good by our own estimation. The creative energy of this world does not have judgement – it only is here to create of our wills and all of the wills of the universe.
What we individually need to do is to be good to each other. We need to do this for us.  We must bring all of the love that we can to this world simply because we can.  You have a gift and you are able to abundantly bring love, and of course this means that you are giving more than you are getting – always remember that there is an endless supply that comes directly from the creative force of the universe.  This is your gift, to get to this love and to bring it to others.  We can share this gift with others when we understand that it is up to us to bring love through positive, creative energy into our collective lives.  It is up to us to learn this gift and to share it with others, so that we are no longer the only ones burdened by giving.
Maybe you’re right and Costa Rica is an easier place to access this energy, like the navel of the earth that connects us directly to the source.  I one time read that this navel used to be in Egypt a long time ago, and that it shifted to somewhere in Latin America recently (I can’t recall where it was in between, but i’ll try to find this information again if i can!).  I seem to remember that it is currently located in Ecuador, which is not very far from here at all.  I think that what this all means is that the source of love shifts to the places where the source of life is most plentiful, thus making space for the manifestation of creative energy.

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