Day Fifty-Eight: Emotion

The band Papadosio (as a unit) is one of my favourite teachers of the moment.  What a beautiful way to learn about other people’s perceptions.  Art is a tool to help us communicate our loving creativity – that which burns within each of us, and all of us have a purpose.  We are born with a purpose, a flame that is lit from above when we incarnate into this existence.

“L‘art pour l’artis a long-time saying because art is not a tool to communicate in the conventional sense.  It is our ability to hear the loving voices of creativity which call out to us when our flame is burning low or is on its last breath.  And there are those of us who possess a red hot burning flame to bring forth from on high the most inspiring messages in beautiful, vulnerable works.  People who make art with their hearts are like vessels for the angels, which call out to us to be our best versions of ourselves, whatever that may be.  We are all here equally and we need to be here to share our piece of the message.

What matters incredibly much is that we don’t get caught up in ego and think that so and so other person (or even yourself!) could do something better.  It’s up to us to get to know the full purview of creation before deciding that any one thing is better than another. Judging our creation against another’s is only an ego thing: money, sex, power, etc., you get the drift.  Those who make art for the fuck of it are not worried about what they will communicate – what is important is that the artist get their message out and whoever it needs to reach, it is not up to them.  Artists are merely the vessel for important information to get out.

We’re all here to help each other out.  This is the game – we need to use each other to get the clues to reach the whole.  Fighting one another is akin to fighting ourselves.  We need to solve the puzzle of how we make this work.

Feel the rawness of emotions in your life.  These are beautiful messages from on high (whatever that is) that can lead you to the people who you will impact the most, and the likelihood is that they will impact you back.  Energy flows in both directions like a pendulum, and what we give, we too shall receive.

I invite you to watch the video below as a treat for your egoless soul.  It will thank you for it if you open yourself to the power of vulnerability.  We are meant to scan over the things/people we encounter and assess everything for meaning.  Otherwise, we are not doing our part.


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