Day Fifty-Four: Perspective

“I never met anybody who couldn’t learn something”
– Charles Manson

Through meditation, I am learning that just as when my thoughts lead me to feel that my mind needs to go somewhere while I am trying to still my mind; in my daily life, when I feel that I need to react to something in action because my thoughts are jumping from one conclusion to another, I, too, need to step outside of myself and observe: what is my hurry?  What end am I trying to reach?  Where will this choice lead me to next?  Why does this seem so important right now?

When there are a number of questions that are all reflections of the same types of answers, it’s time to listen and reflect, not necessarily to act.  Action will put us in the possession of the forces that hang in the questions, like: is the hurry mine?  Am I listening to my intuition or outside forces?  Who will I encounter on this road, and what will they mean to me?  If there are a number of questions all begging the same types of answers, it is time to get those answers so that we may find the questions that will lead us to a path of choice rather than inevitability.

Inevitability shows us that it’s time to learn something significant; something that will help put us into a position of more power.  And this power is not of an external source, but rather is found internally, and to be used to bring more consciousness to our actions.  When it’s time to learn something, it means that we want to bring more strength to our future resolve and to do that, we need a higher perspective.  That higher perspective will show us more questions, yes; but it will also make more sense of the questions which loom over us now, begging to be answered.

The more you know, the less you know – a version of the mantra that is repeatedly touted by gurus who have a higher perspective than the majority of us.  Charles Manson may appear crazy to the majority of us, but he had a higher perspective that came from answering sets of questions that most of us would not or will never touch.  Respect needs to be paid to people who have done the dirty deeds to gain perspective, at least insomuch as to never need to make those choices again, but to gain from the higher perspective that they give us when we take the answers that others have come to, rather than dismissing them as crazy.

This is why reading is such a powerful tool for gaining perspective, and philosophical treatises, biographies, memoirs, and very well written works of fiction in which there is much character and setting development that is based in history are the best types of works from which to learn.  Sure, entertainment is great.  But if we are all manifestations of one whole, it is through learning from actual occurrences, or rather, real human interpretations of occurrences, that will bring us the most perspective.


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