Day Fifty-Three: Convolution Continued

“Praise be the three aims of life: virtue, prosperity and love.”
– The Kama Sutra

… Then there are people who experience me and just don’t like how I make them feel.  I get it, though, because I know my imperfections and if it’s the aspects of me that are the most imperfect that people are tuned to resonate with, then the outcome will be distaste due to disharmony.  If someone is sensitized to see the things that I feel most shamefully about, then it is only natural that they will have unpleasant feelings towards me.

The thing is, I want so badly to be all things to all people.  Does everyone feel the same way?  And it’s not that I have anxiety about who I am – I am a person of action and I want to actively change myself to be the best version of me that I can be.  It’s just that I keep bumping up against a wall with big signs plastered all over it and graffiti scrawled all over, all of which read ‘you can’t be all things to all people.’  It is not in me to accept defeat, though, so I continue to believe that the wall is not an obstacle, but a lesson.

Yesterday’s highlight term on the news: Make Somalia great again. 20 million people are about to die from hunger and hunger-related problems is what the news reported.  I have been sharing this information with people since I read this about a month ago on an alt-media news site.  It’s about time the mainstream broadcasts this, but they didn’t mention that this hunger is due to drought.  They didn’t talk about drought at all, but rather discussed food scarcity and disease.  The Somali president is clearly a puppet from the non-human interest pieces that run the world. 

African Voices – a program on CNN – did a story this week about the children who are the victims of genocide directly, and the destruction that it wreaks on the soul.  Their parents become shells – a physical form that carries no spirit within.  The spirit only exists outside of their physical bodies, tethered by a silver cord (this part about spirit was not discussed in the program).  The kids escape this hollow lifestyle and move to live in the streets of the big city.  The former child-escapees featured on the program regained their connection with spirit in school, or through teaching others.

I think that learning is for the purpose of sharing – but with like minded people.  It’s just that we have to go through sharing with non like minded people for a while, until we find the right people.  We have to expose ourselves to others’ feelings and reactions to what we are sharing and we must be resilient to keep their feel-ful reactions from affecting us.  But they will and do affect us, and it is our affectation that gets us caught in the loop of guilt, pain and pleasure-seeking. 

We can break through – we just need to keep on pushing until we find the people whom we seek – those who are like us and will receive our intentions for love with open arms.  We need to do a good job of sharing now, to get the job done with plenty of time to reap the rewards afterwards.

But first, the shit show of trying to find the right language that will convey our intention in the purest, most direct form.  Virtue, prosperity and love must be preceded by vice, destitution, and indifference so that we may learn the wholeness of the lesson.  It is time that we put the latter behind us and move to the superior aims of life, which have lain dormant for far too long.


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