Day Forty-Nine: Dangerous Liaisons

Venus is in retrograde, and although there are not many romantic prospects on my horizon, my world of opportunities has significantly opened up.  I am a free woman (relatively speaking) and I am thrilled!

As I have been alluding, I have had some recent legal troubles in my foster country and they have just been resolved this week.  It is an incredible feeling, and the entire experience has taught me many lessons, namely that I do want to be officially adopted into this land and to earn my place in its culture.  I needed these hard lessons to come to these decisions and I am thankful for having endured them and come out on top.

In saying all that, I have a strong inkling that these legal troubles came from some of my words and actions online.  I have no doubt that I’ve been watched and listened to for years.  There have been occurrences in my life that cannot be explained away by mere chance or bad luck.  I don’t usually use this accusatory tone with the people in my physical sphere because they never react well.  People don’t like to be told that they should fear being themselves.  Everyone should feel free to be who they are, but if you look at most executives, celebrities or elite personages, they are typically (and more and more often) formal in public, conducting themselves by the principles of proper etiquette.

Do you think that they live in this way because it is customary; or is there a good set of reasons for this behavior?  I have no doubt that the answer is the latter.

Today, the news is rife with stories about CIA hacks into our personal devices, thanks to yesterdays Wikileaks dump.  Before I continue: bless, Wikileaks.  Thanks be for all of the people who are doing the work that investigative journalists are too afraid and/or corrupt to do.  Nevertheless, I am highly suspicious of this release of information, for the reason that I have known that we have been spied on by our smart technology since its inception.  RFID chips have been in my conscious mind since the early 2000s, when they were introduced into public knowledge.  When Samsung announced that it was going to release the first smart television, I was posting every day about how this technology was going to be used to spy on us.  Every device I’ve ever owned with a camera and/or a microphone has been stickered or taped over so that I would not be watched or listened to, and I am always wary of others’ devices and what I say around them.  And I do not take my phone with me everywhere I go, so that my every movement can be tracked, nor do I trust that our devices are not implanted with backup wireless transmitters – even when we are not connected to wireless networks, these devices are still transmitting information.

It is not only the CIA and other government secret service organizations which spies on us.  Proprietors of technology would clearly benefit from this level of data gathering, as would benevolent or malicious private interests, who have the know-how, available technology, and simple desire to better understand the masses.

RFID labels have been used for years for the express purpose of better understanding our consumption patterns.  When you buy a Gillette razor or that can of Campbell’s soup, the corpocracy is learning when and where you are purchasing it, where you are taking it and when you are unpackaging it.  This information is a tool for companies to better market to us.  Our credit cards are infested with this diseased technology also, as are our passports and ID cards.  What purpose do this RFID chips serve to us?  None – they won’t even help you locate lost or stolen documents, despite the potential to do so.

So what is the purpose of this high-level infiltration of our daily lives, asks everyone with whom I breach this subject matter?  The express purpose is to keep tabs on us, with the added bonus of being able to better advertise to us – in ways of which we are less than conscious, because they are patterned to our individual selves through our subconscious mind, through using their understanding of our collective unconscious.  To make this job of advertising to each individual in an attuned manner easier, we have been categorized and molded to fit created and marketed archetypes in a neat fashion.  It doesn’t matter how many archetypes we fit, just that we closely match each mold that we choose to hold.

How many people even possess cash money in their wallets on a regular basis?  How many people laughed about the news media’s incredulity at being spied on by Russian intelligence in the most recent election?  Not many, I gather, although I hope that is about to change.

As a real, self-created and maintained individual, I have been a conscious outsider to the newly-created systems of technocracy and corpocracy.  Of course, I do fall in line on occasion and buy the clothes or food that I am meant to as a part of my class/gender/age/race/etc.  But whenever I do fall in line, I make a specific effort to do something totally outside of my conventionally understood character to negate any salient information that the powers that be may have garnered from my actions and/or thought processes.  As an example, if I buy an item of clothing from a mainstream shop, I will go for a walk in the forest and meditate on what I’ve done and how it will help my life.  I will walk into a random office building and take the elevator to the 4th floor from the top and explore the semi-forbidden bounty of what lays uncovered to the general public.  I will go to see a community play spontaneously and spend time with the random weirdos and bums in the street.  What they have come to understand from me is that I am not predictable.  This is potentially a good thing for them, considering that they have super-computers analyzing all of this data – not just a bunch of monkey-like humans sitting at typewriters, reading papers and stamping their fists on their desks at our activities.  These super-computers are learning that I – a part of the chaos elements – have thought processes that take me beyond the mold, and they are getting wiser to my ways as a result.  I’ve long thought about getting off the grid, but I still believe that there is time to save more people using the tools gifted us by the Internet.  If you have trouble believing that there is a God, look at the gift of communication that has been unwittingly bestowed upon us, despite the ever-present attempts by the elites to use these tools to control us.

It’s time to wake up!  Stop giving up your rights because you think you have nothing to hide and that there aren’t parties out there trying to control your thoughts and actions.  Grab those books that you’ve been meaning to read; go for a stroll and enjoy the nature that still surrounds you; find that person who you’ve been interested in and make love and have a conversation about life and all of our goals that don’t involved career and purchases, but those that are filled with real, visceral experiences!  Fight, fuck and frolic to your hearts content – just be conscious in what you do, and never forget that you are being watched, analyzed and deduced.  Do not allow yourself to be reduced to a number any more than you already are.  Soon enough, we will move on to de-numbering ourselves entirely.   We’re not there yet, but I’m preparing methods for getting this information through to you, and strengthening myself so that I will be ready to catch you all.  All you have to do is get ready to let go.  We’re in this together now.  The information is out there.  Be mindful – meditation is education.


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