Day Thirty-Six: Talk

I am writing this in the days before being at a music/art/spirituality festival called Envision in Costa Rica.  I will continue meditating each day and I want to continue with blogging every day, but because I am not present (and presumably happy to be detached from my devices), I will be sharing a series of videos that have meant a lot to me.  I’ll try to keep them short, since I doubt anyone watched the epic 3+ hour PBS documentary Money Masters that I posted a few days ago.

Today, i want to share an interview with Graham Hancock, who is an archaeologist and historian who has explored many ancient monuments around the world.  His work has been a great inspiration to me, calling into question traditionally accepted notions of what the ancient populations of the world intended.  As the Real World slogan went, you think you know but you have no idea.  None of us do, and that’s the beauty of it.  Why not take some time to explore the ideas that are a bit more creative and fun than saying that practically every monument and article found is in honor of the dead.  Boring.  How about we spice up our lives?


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