Day Thirty-Five: Visionaries

Letter to a friend:

Look at us.  We’d rather be communicating with people online, as much as we love nature.  The amount of time that many of us spend on community message boards shows that we’re hungry for community but have a hard time finding it in real life because we’re so dynamic – largely because of the technological revolution.  Now we have issues with identity politics becoming federal issues in the United States.  They will continue to be the cultural trailblazers because if stupid Americans can accept something, the rest of the world will follow suit. 

Anyways, I digress from my original point that we can’t find community because we’ve/we’re adapting to everything that is created on this planet – all of the technological advancements and all of the plastic and all of the actions that any of us take – needs to be absorbed into our being, by conscious means or otherwise.  And because of all of that, we are trying to find the people like us, who can’t see the borders in between information and can see how everything is connected and want to uncover that web of connection.  I reckon we’re not all ready for this challenge because it’s totally new.  I reckon the geniuses and visionaries throughout all time knew and saw this web of connection without the need of the internet – the reason why some of us get it now.  I think that this was the unexpected outcome that the elites didn’t anticipate.  They thought that they were creating an advanced spy tool – which they did – but didn’t know how much it would help us evolve.

As such, I’m going to have to disagree with you and say that the Hegelian dialectic is still very much at play.  How do you get anyone to do anything?  You tell them that they can’t do it.  I know that this works super well on me.  If anyone tells me that, I’m jumping off that cliff or climbing that wall.  Doesn’t matter if 9 times out of 10 if I tried that on my own terms, I’d fuck it up.  But that one time someone tells me that I’m not able, I’m fucking getting over that wall.  Or if I’m drunk… then I’m getting over that wall, too.  lol.  So the elites are still playing us, building walls (or threatening to build them – seems to be working just as well), only to destroy borders, which is exactly what they want.  They want no borders around the world.  They tell people that someone is trying to stop them from identifying with whatever gender they want.  No one is talking about racial identity, because that didn’t work in the past and the natives and black people that are left have put their cards on the table and said that they’re going to fuck some shit up if you try to clean them up.  Of course, these issues are still picked at in pointed attacks.  I reckon Standing Rock is evidence of the elites winning.  They’ve got people talking about the safety of pipelines because there’s an oil crunch coming up soon.  They’ve got power and they’ve got collaboration.  They have community, and they’ve had it for a long time.  Trump is presumed to be a high-level mason because he does many of the hand gestures and handshakes (haha, I know that speculation is uncool, but if you take some things for granted that may or may not be true, you allow yourself to potentially glimpse the answer if the pieces fit.  Therefore, if you can accept that Trump is far more intelligent and sophisticated than he makes himself appear to be, many ideas that show the true plan (even if from something like a rebel faction within the elites) still has control over what our outcome is going to be.  There is no playing to too many chances for them and they know how truly egocentric and mentally and emotionally shallow the majority of us are (really, if not all of us) and they know how to exploit that.  Tell us that we don’t get to have socialism, open borders, competition, refugees, gender ambiguity, women politicians, whatever – and that’s all we’re going to want.  And there is nothing inherently wrong with any of those things, except that they are being directed from interests from up above, for the purpose of some conclusion that we can’t begin to comprehend.  Well, we can try, but it takes a bit of guess work.

I’m not satisfied that we are in control of our own lives because the market is clearly building for a crash.  Interest rates just went up in the States, which they advertised as a good sign for the dollar… except for all of those people who took out big loans recently and will be paying more interest on those loans.  My aunt and uncle are visiting from Austria and they were telling me about the incredible social system in Austria and how they have the cheapest rent on their apartment in the middle of the city that they’ve “owned” for the last 26 years, and the rent has stayed relatively stable that entire time.  They don’t want to let a bunch of foreigners in that are going to try to wreck that stability.  They don’t want privatization or free-market capitalisms and it sounds amazing.  Everything is stable and everyone is provided for by the system, with free schooling for all degrees, as often as you want, free health care, free money if you have kids for up to two years for both parents if they live with the child.  They are so proud of what they have and they probably have a right to be.  I guess we could have all been that way but it’s too late now.  We’re already free, and to cage us will be to kill us, and I reckon they’re pretty fine with that.  They’re just tired of us getting in their way and I don’t blame them.

I’m like you, I bet.  I comment on all kinds of people’s posts with ideas that people have never even dreamed of and they just don’t know what to do about it.  They may try to engage, but when that proves futile to their case, they tend to give up.  But they don’t delete us as friends, or unfollow us.  In fact, they follow us more closely for a time, until they get bored and go back to ignoring us.  But I feel that they are curious whenever we pop back into their lives. 

My friend who posted about being super excited for moving to other star systems also posted 3 weeks ago asking where anonymous was.  I explained that this is no time to be waiting for superheroes and that anonymous is anyone and no one, so she could be a part of anonymous if she wanted to actually do something about the problems that she thinks we have, i.e. Donald Trump as President.  Anyways, she and a bunch of people started going on about how much Anonymous sucks and do nothing effective.  It is like they haven’t watched Kickass or Deadpool or any other ironic superhero movie where everyone hates on the superheroes for not being there when they’re needed.  Or maybe they’ve seen them too many times and they are playing the interactive audience (I can’t remember what the theatre term is for that right now), hoping to incite the superheroes to come around by calling them dicks and saying that they’re useless.  The only thing they’re forgetting is that this isn’t the movies.  This is real life and no one’s ever seen a costumed person with superpowers fighting crime.  There are only regular people like us who fight crime, and those people don’t get the same kind of press as costumed freaks.  And the other difference between this reality and the movies is that the costumed freaks (or anyone who is obvious in their actions and intentions) who try to do anything to fight crime get shot and die right at the start. 


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