Day Thirty-Two: Money Masters

Vipassana meditation is about being conscious of your breath.  This weekend’s cacao ceremony gave me three hours of introspective spacetime to be present with my breath and the flow of my body.  And yesterday, I felt frustrated regardless.

Practicing meditation isn’t always about solving our issues.  But it is about the ritual and creating the space to spend time with ourselves; to try to relax the body and coerce the mind to slow its pace, even if sometimes it is to no avail.  And unfortunately, after 32 days of daily practice, my breathing is not enough to relax me today.

I grow weary of baring my soul to unresponsive people.  Sharing is the way that we are going to get through this – the only way that I can see in my readings and meditations.  And I’m not talking about hitting share on an intangible platform – I’m talking about using our individual words to convey ideas to one another.  And yet, this is exactly what is exhausting me, for the reason that the people who I love the most are not willing to receive or participate in this practice.  Most humans are happy to complain about how a certain billionaire, or even a couple of them, are destroying the fourth estate, when in actuality, our definition of sharing information today is essentially passing along half-read click bait or full-on baiting hate. 

Excuse me, but did you coat-check your independent thought when we arrived?  When did you last see your independently-crafted arguments?  Did you think that those skills were just for school, where you weren’t caught plagiarizing essays written by students in other parts of the world?  Why is it that we think we’ve made it there when we achieve a career path?  Big egos need big money.  Are you confident that your money will continue to be there to support your ego forever?

Because I keep getting told to make videos, I’m going to post a video today – one that changed my life at about age 19, so roughly 14 years ago. At the end of the day, this information doesn’t matter because our existence is transient.  But if you don’t know this information right now, how can you even begin to understand how transient your life really is? 

Much of this information will seem far-fetched – at first.  Our minds are programmed to dismiss the data that does not fit our western societal paradigms, which are soon coming to an end for our lack of sharing.  And there are places in the world that readily accept this info as historically accurate, and they are positioned to take advantage of this knowledge.  This data is not isolated in this one video, and corroboration is as easy a matter as finding the right questions within ourselves to ask of our leadership. 

“When all you can come up with are questions, you’re on the right path.”
– Me


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