Day Thirty: Dreaming

I’ve recently reconnected with a good friend from New Zealand, and we’ve been having lovely philosophical conversations.  I woke up yesterday morning singing a Nine Inch Nails song that I hadn’t heard in about 12 years.  I haven’t listened to any NIN since my early twenties, when I was studying audio engineering and spending time with a lot of weirdo musos who only really listened to Tool.  Anyways, my friend messaged me with some funny Joe Biden lip reading clips and was talking about Tool’s Lateralus album (funny that… we didn’t go to school together) and I mentioned how I was listening to NIN because I woke up with it stuck in my head.  He was shocked because he has just downloaded that same album the previous nigh and listened to it walking home from work.  He’s in New Zealand, so his night was my morning.  I have no doubt that I channeled it from him, because there is no way that song just came to my mind out of nowhere after so many years. I was wondering why it was in my mind, because the lyrics are about being in it together, like a couple, and that’s just not my flavor of the moment.

And so in honor of this synchronous event, I want to share some information about conscious dreaming.  I read an incredible book in my youth called Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss, and it expanded my mind to the possibilities of a whole other reality, in which we spend roughly 1/3 of our lives.  Not enough mind is paid to this part of our lives, unless of course you have trouble sleeping.  And it’s super awkward when people want to discuss their dreams with you, and most people find it painfullly agonizing to have to listen to someone tell them about their dreams.  I assume that the reason for this is that it is so intensely personal and holds no value to anyone else’s life, so why bother?  And yet, there are ancient cultures, like the Australian Aborigines, which highly value the sharing of dreams, understanding that dreams are filled with teachers and lessons that are well worth paying attention to.

And because I don’t want to bore you with talk of dreams, because most of us likely don’t come from a culture that respects dreams, here is a short documentary about what I would like to share.


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