Day Twenty-Two: The Catch

I have recently realized that there are people in this world who will help you out, persistently, regardless of the outcome.  I assumed that these kinds of people exist, although family and childhood friends are not exactly the best evidence of these people, no disrespect intended.  Family help is typically preceded by the word “begrudgingly” (an incredible effort nonetheless!), and childhood friends, well they probably didn’t really go through any of the significantly shitty things in life with you.

I am also assuming that most people find this in their sexual life mates; a partner-in-crime, or fellow traveller who would go to the moon and back with you without asking too many questions.  I haven’t had much success in finding a life mate of that nature, but I have had success in finding incredible people along the way who will put their necks on the line to help me (and others) out.  I’m not sure what I did to deserve these kinds of people in my life, but I appreciate them all dearly. 

There is not always a big exertion necessary when it comes to helping others.  Sometimes, it’s just a bit of eye contact, or a ‘like’ on their thoughtful post, or a loving touch.  Other times, it is driving for hours to take someone to a court date for an infraction that could put the others at risk for getting involved, but helping anyways.  I believe that we are all capable of intuiting when others need something from us, but some of us are too preoccupied at times to give heed to these signals.  How open are we to receiving these messages?  And how clear are we about what we need when we want some help?

I have so much thanking to do in the coming days.  My recent issues are not really over (can you guess what they are?) and I don’t really know what will become of me.  I’ve lived a bit of a wild and loose-fitting life for so long… it was only a matter of time before I crossed a line that couldn’t be uncrossed easily.  But I am blessed to know good people.  In trying to be good, I somehow found myself in the company of other good people.  And important lesson that I’m learning from my long-time motto of fake it till you make it is that although faking it will put us into a mind state that welcomes good things into our lives, when we make it, the faking it is no longer necessary.  At least not for now, but I’ve made this climb before and I’m ready to take on the next mountain when I get there.


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