Day Sixteen: Peak Lies

“Could a new world order be taking place?” 

Yesterday was the third time I’ve heard a CNN host use the term ‘new world order’ in the past two weeks.  I have been using these words since the 12th of September, 2001 when I started researching why the media was lying to us.  I had just turned 18 one month prior to this event.  I intuited on 9/11 that I was being lied to by the news media as I watched the cycle of videos of the towers falling down and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing in accompaniment.  Right away, they knew that these were muslim attackers and were ready to retaliate against Osama Bin Laden and Afghanistan.  It didn’t make sense to me that I was watching these horrific videos of people jumping out of burning buildings and the live deaths of thousands of people – and the reporters and hosts were talking about going to war with Afghanistan.  How did they have all of this information and how could they be so certain without having had the time to investigate?  I just couldn’t process all of the information I was being told/sold. 

In the days following, I watched the news regularly and often.  But I also started reading alternative media online.  I felt like something was wrong with what the MSM pundits were saying, and also what they were not saying.  How were four planes hijacked and nothing was done to stop them?  Why were NORAD conducting tests at the exact same time as the attacks, which simulated airplane hijackings, and military commanders therefore gave the orders to stand down when fighter jets wanted to intercept the real hijacked planes?  Why were these the first buildings to have ever collapsed on their own accord from fires, even though these were some of the most modern and resilient structures of the time?  Why did they collapse in free-fall speed, exactly like a demolition?  Why did Larry Silverstein, the very recent new owner of the WTC at the time of the attacks, who made billions in insurance claims from these attacks, say that they should ‘pull’ the towers (a demolition term)?  Why was the collapse of building 7 reported by the BBC 20 minutes before it collapsed?  Why did building 7 collapse when it wasn’t hit by a plane?  Why was building 7 not discussed again after the day of the attacks?  Where was the wreckage from the plane that hit the pentagon?!

Spending time in online communities with people who felt the same confusion as I did was incredible, especially since the Internet and online communities were very new phenomena.  I was chatting with older, more seasoned questioners who has already found a lot of the answers that I needed, and these people helped me become who I am today by giving me the courage to follow my intuition and seek answers, even when the people close to me and the people inside the news box were telling me to look away.  The people who I met online taught me that this was a false flag event, meant to scare the American public into going to war in Afghanistan so that the hostile caliphate running the country could be overthrown (even though they were trained and put into power by the Americans in previous years), so that American business interests could take over the necessary land and resources for laying pipelines and growing opium. Never even mind the amount of money that defense contractors like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton made off of this and other pointless wars.  This was ‘par for the course’ as I was learning.  Everything came so fast and life was finally making sense amidst all of the angst and confusion that I was being told/sold to feel. 

There are a group of interested parties who want to bring about a new world order in which they will control all of the governments in the world and thereby control all of the people by controlling the printing of every nation’s money and enslaving people with debt, medication and technology.   It all sounded so perfectly simple to me and yet I was one of the few who accepted this easy explanation.  I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, but everything I was learning made so much sense and put a lot of pieces together that were scattered around in my mind prior to this shock awakening.  I mean, what was the Matrix really trying to tell us?

OK, so I’m done blaming you all.  I did blame you for not listening to me ranting about 9/11 being an inside job, but it is out of my system. I have tried to share my anger at the corporatocracy for the past 16 years with no reception from my real life friends and family.  Many of you acted against me, in fact.  But I’m done feeling upset with you.  It is my fault that you didn’t want to participate in alternative education because I didn’t offer you the creative solutions that you needed.  I am interested in giving you the solutions now.  I am teaching how to meditate.  I am teaching how to be conscious.  I am teaching how to appreciate.  I am teaching how to thank.  I am teaching how to forgive.  I am teaching how to love.  I am teaching how to share.  Of course, I am only able to teach these lessons by relearning them every day and acting on what I learn.  Now I can say to you: “I am hurting” and know exactly what I mean by that and what exactly I want from you.  I will not say such words to you if I do not know what I want from you.  It is time to trust me that I won’t lie to you.  I am ready to live with integrity and I will only share things that will enrich our lives.  Some of them might hurt, but I’m here for you and we’ll work through the pain together.  I don’t have all of the solutions but I do know where to look and I am hopeful that we can find them when we look together.

“Is someone getting the best of you?”

I want everyone to get the best of me.  People used to look down on me.  They saw a shy, lonely, awkward girl who was spoiled, slutty and a bitch.  That’s a whole lot of different things rolled into one human package!  But I was those things to a lot of people and I couldn’t have cared less.  Those people were ridiculous to me.  They like for things to fit into neat packages even if it’s ridiculous to put those things in a box.  Who puts live humans into boxes?  Only crazy people do that!  I am nothing like those people.  I am crazy to those people.  I have no shame.  I have no desire to pander to people’s desires.  I am not the rebel, despite what they may think.  I am happy to be who I am and to express myself however feels good to me and the people around me.  I dance and I sing every day, all of the time, no matter how I feel.  Rather than dwell on my anxieties, I know that I cannot speed up time until I can actually take action, so why waste a perfectly good moment in between now and the time that I am dreading?  And I will take action.  I always act.  If someone asks for a volunteer, I am the first to run up to the stage.  I will perform in front of people – ten, hundreds, thousands, it doesn’t matter.  If someone has to try something first before the rest of the group can muster the courage, I will run and jump off that cliff without even looking over the edge.  I will walk up to the person who I like and tell them that I like them.  I don’t do things with ulterior motives.  I will be patient, listen, wait, and be precise and deliberate when dealing with matters of the heart.  I will admit to my mistakes and laugh at my stupidity.  I will feel terribly when I hurt people.  I will go out of my way to make it up to those people.  I will message people out of the blue.  I will reply to people’s comments, even if I don’t know them.  I will visit every gallery, museum, attraction, park, cemetery, live performance, installation, new construction, demonstration, abandoned place, underutilized space, playground, again and again. Anything that I pass by that looks like fun, I go and have that fun.  I am an explorer.  I am not afraid to have adventures in front of other people.  Life sucks in a lot of ways and people hurt so much of the time, but I will not be paralyzed by grief, fear or anger.  When my father passed away, I scream-cried for so much time.  But that didn’t stop me from laughing with my friends and enjoying the remainder of the time I could share with them before moving away.  I used to be absolutely petrified by fish, sharks and oceans for much of my life; but now that I live by the ocean, I surf even when I’ve seen a shark swimming in the water near me.  And even though a lot of you have pissed me the fuck off by writing me off as someone who fits into a box, I am still here, sharing with you.

You thought I was a loner when I was going home to read and learn.

You thought I was shy when I didn’t feel like participating in banal things that didn’t interest me.

You thought I was spoiled when all I wanted was to spend more time with my dad and instead got things that I didn’t want because, he said, he was too busy working.

You thought I was slutty because I told people how I felt and wore my heart on my sleeve.

You thought I was a bitch because I told you important and deliberately chosen things that I learnt through much hard work and you didn’t want to hear those things.

I want you to have the solutions.  I can tell you about all of the problems in the world but you only really care about the solutions.  The problems are too much to bear for you and you need relief or else you’re going to have to block the problems out again.  Here, let’s try you out.  How many of these problems are you conscious of in your daily life? (*List courtesy of a current online community I take part in)

1. Overpopulation

2. Peak phosphorus

3. Peak sand

4. Peak yield – nitrogen crisis

5. Peak oil – Tar sands, fracking

6. Holocene/Antropocene 6th extinction / mass extinction

7. Point of no return CO2 levels

8. Methane / Permafrost Arctic release

9. Energy crisis

10. Global dimming

11. Global warming

Three record years in a row

Loss of Arctic Ice Shield

Loss of Glaciers.

Rising sea levels leading to mass migrations.

12. Nuclear war

13. Neo colonialism

14. Economic crisis: End of capitalism / neoliberalism

15. Global financial crisis: Credit bubble burst

16. Agricultural crisis

Soil erosion / Desertification / Salination

Rising Meat consumption

Glyphosate/Roundup poisoning our food supply.

17. Overfishing

Ocean acidification

Amphibian Crisis

18. Great pacific garbage patch


19. Nanotechnology

PFC – Per- and Polyfluorinated chemicals

PPCP crisis – Pharmaceutical and personal care products

Cleaning agents

20. Deforestation

21. Invasive species

22. Water shortages

23. Nuclear meltdowns

24. Fresh water algae blooms

25. Disruption of the jet stream because of supercharged atmosphere

26. Too many bodies and not enough places to bury them

27. Green energy requiring more fossil fuels and mining of rare earth elements

28. Antibiotics losing their potency from overexposure

29. Peak arable land

30. Peak minerals (gold, silver, coal, uranium)

31. Baby boomers and aging western societies

32. Toxic munitions dumps

33. Storing bio-toxins and chemical weapons – being damaged by extreme weather and earthquakes

And from the news just yesterday…

  • EU leaders meet in Malta for a summit to discuss creating a united stance to Trump.  This meeting is to reaffirm EU relationships and to prevent unilateral meetings from reflecting national rather than the collective interests of the union.  The key players are unhappy with Trump’s selection of US ambassador to the EU, who appears to be in favor of the dissolution of the union.  Holland, France and Germany are all leaning towards more populist governments being elected in the near future.  But German chancellor Merkel, who was talking about resigning from politics a few months ago, now has no choice but to remain the biggest cheerleader of the EU.  She says that it’s not up to the American president to dictate what EU should do. 
  • DT condemned Russia over its invasion of Eastern Ukraine. 
  • Prominent republicans are speaking out against Trump.
  • Iran is continuing testing their ballistic missile technology.
  • Iran is retaliating against America and imposing sanctions on Americans and American Corporations who support terrorist organizations (this excited me so much – holy shit! Also, the word ‘excited’ doesn’t always imply good connotations in case you get confused). 
  • Iceberg lettuce and broccoli are being rationed in the UK because of climate issues in Spain.
  • The Euro is valued too low and must be adjusted soon.

So, what do we do about any of it? 

Isn’t it obvious, looking at this list?  We are at a juncture and we can either accept our inevitable, impending deaths; or we can make significant changes to our choices through consciousness.  Where the latter option will lead us is still to be determined, but it’s still a clear choice for me.  There is no external enemy for us to fear; there is only us.  We choose to be here.  We choose it every day, in everything that we do.  This is our time for reflecting on all of the people who we are assholes to every day; all the lives which we ignore as we go about our daily business; all of the things we don’t think twice about purchasing.  Think about all of the things that you own and how many of them actually serve your greatest passions.  What is all of this decorative junk?  What is with all of the ornaments and useless stuff that weigh down our spirits with debt and bonds us impenetrably to our physical space?  And we spend time talking about this useless crap, too!  People spend significant amounts of time complimenting each other on their outfits or nail polish or flashy gadgets.  Sure, these things are cool and you look great, but where is the recognition for that awesome thing that someone shared about what they learned?  It’s coming, although I’m not really so certain anymore about us surviving for long enough to await its arrival.  We’re so close to blowing ourselves up now… this is absolutely mental!  

I have been so disappointed in us, but I am here, doing this in the hopes that people will wake up faster to what is happening and re-center themselves.  Ground yourselves in this physical reality entirely.  We are so much more than our bodies existing in this physical plane but we must come to terms with our physical aspects since we’re here for a reason and we must deal with the pain of this aspect of our existence.  We must stop drowning ourselves in pleasure.  Please do enjoy the moment, but don’t neglect to work your butt off to learn how to escape the things that trap us in our physicality, where we no longer experience our psychic and spiritual selves, forgetting about our passions and intuitions almost entirely.  Create your space by learning what it’s made of.

Meditate and educate yourself.  The greatest thinkers in our history did, so why not take cue from the cream of the human crop?


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