Day Twelve: Holiness

The number twelve is considered to be a holy number.  Why?  Because it has many mathematical properties.  It is the smallest number with six divisors, for instance.  It is also a whole lot of other things in mathematics that I do not understand.

Whether it is for those reasons or not, 12 is a highly important number in all three major monotheistic religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  Jacob had 12 sons who started the 12 tribes of Israel.  Jesus had 12 disciples.  Muhammad had 12 Imam successors.

But that’s not what I want to write about today.  Today, I want to discuss the ideological war that we are headed for if we don’t stop what we’re doing right now.  I made my mom read my blog today because I saw her scroll over it in her Facebook feed and I gave her a bit of shit for it.  Anyways, she’s a good woman and she went back to it, even though she finds these topics ‘boring.’  I can’t blame her… it’s easy to get bored when you’re confused and feel in over your head.  There’s nothing to hold on to so we scramble to get out.  I guess that sounds like the opposite of boring, but some how our brains have the power to transform the excitement of survival into boredom.

After reading, she came to me and said that she doesn’t agree.  She thinks that we chose to live this way – with the free market economy, so it must be good because we (humans) are good.  Sure, we can be good, absolutely.  The way I put it to her is that since there is a lot of not-good happening in the world: over-extended prison systems, lack of rehabilitation programs, over-medication, malnutrition, houselessness, mental illness, broken families, beaten people, and death everywhere… these are things that show me that good is not winning.  So the question is: why is good not winning if we (humans) are supposed to be good, for the most part anyways?  My suggestion, if you have been following along, is that the evil who of humanity are the greedy, elite, super-moneyed interests.  As for the why, I suggest that we can boil it down to the fight between good and evil.

I don’t want to speculate on the religious preferences of anyone who might read this, nor will I proclaim ties to any belief system of my own.  Rather, I see this as a cosmic battle between two opposing forces that are meant to work in harmony and balance.  And what I want to propose is that right now, the side of negativity is winning.  The physical, dense, egoistic, individualistic side of the universe is winning thanks to us humans.  We have indulged in ourselves and all of the basest pleasure that our physicality affords.  We choose touching ourselves over reaching out to grab the hand of someone fallen down, and that should be our indicator for sickness and imbalance in our existence.

These ideas can be found in many modern-day parables like The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, where the power of the ring or the force lie dormant until awakened.  These powers are often described as too strong for men to wield because we are morally weak.  But imagine the incredible things accomplished when we learn how to use this force for good.

I want to propose that our world leaders have corrupt hearts because they have been given more power than they can handle.  I do not hate them, I only want their power taken away from them so that we are no longer at the mercy of the evil forces they invite into their hearts through their egoistic practices.  They simply believe that they are better than us and therefore deserve to control us.

Christians for Trump, heed this warning: Don, who has been said to be a born-again Christian, was asked many times if he has asked for forgiveness.  He has replied no, he doesn’t need much forgiveness because he hasn’t done much wrong.  This man should not represent your religion if you want to remain on the side of morality.  He is very obviously and overtly a business person and what I am suggesting is that business people today (excluding small businesses on principle) are morally corrupt in their hearts.

Public pressure must be put onto corporations that they no longer have the same rights and freedoms as humanity.  Instead, today another piece of legislation was signed in the U.S. to deregulate business practices further.

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

– Henry Ford

Printing more money lowers the value of money.  And when the Federal Reserve was founded in 1913, privatizing the American monetary system, the power to regulate money was taken away from the hands of every day Americans.  The Federal Reserve has no accountability and although it is meant to remain neutral on politics, it became the Creature from Jekyll Island (where the Federal Reserve Act was drafted), one face in public and another in secret.  Sixteen years later, the Great Depression occurred and three American banking families – the Rockefellers, Carnegies and Morgans – bought the choicest of the fallen stocks and assets and have ruled the U.S. financial system ever since.

Since 1913, the American people have been robbed through inflation and the purchasing power of the dollar has declined 96% in 100 years.  All the while, the different members of the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Morgan and other subsidiary/descendant banking dynasties have held positions of power and influence, all while keeping out of the direct line of public sight.

Sure, inflation was good for expanding the economy… for a while.  That is until about the last 25 years, when banking and business regulations started loosening to allow for inter/multi/trans-national interests to have more influence in the American market.  In fact, since 2008 there has been the greatest printing run in American financial history because the Bank of America, City Group and Morgan Chase were bundling and trading bad loans that they new would eventually fail.   They created the problems, were bailed out, and many regular people lost everything they had.

The same families continue to run the Federal Reserve today.

“The banks are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill and they frankly own the place.”

– Senator Dick Durban

2008 was one in a long line of events for the consolidation of wealth and power in the hands of the elites.  Here is how the banks take power away from the hands of the people:

Stage one: throw out the line.  The banks put lots of money into circulation, lowering interest rates, and creating many new loans.  This is called the boom time, where lots of money is changing hands, jobs are being created, economic activity is at its peak, more demand on goods and services, and more and bigger loans are taken out with confidence.

Stage two: pull the fishing line in.  Interest rates go up and fewer people/businesses are taking loans.  The criteria to get a loan is stronger, and larger portions of income are going to the extra interest means less circulation, fewer purchases, unemployment goes up, people are not able to pay their mortgages on the boom-time purchases, so companies and individuals go bankrupt.  Banks are further able to consolidate their wealth and assets.

Let us fear no longer and meditate on all of the ways that greed has influence in our lives.  When we are slaves to our senses, we open ourselves up to being manipulated by the negative side of life.  In our desire for things, we diverge from one another.  Intangible love is not for sale, so its value is imbued onto things, as though they are the pathway to love.  But we all too often hear the stories of how someone worked hard and gave up so much to get to the status of high-earner and they did not reach the happiness or sense of peace that they had hoped to find.  Material wealth is not the way to find balance and harmony with our physical existence.

Tomorrow, we continue talking about the negative side of the free-market, but we will finally begin to delve into how we can escape the grasp of this side and turn the market into a place that works with our nature, rather than something that exploits our nature.


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