Day Eleven: Ignorance is Not Bliss

On November 30, 1999, seventy thousand people (and another 400,000 online in a virtual sit-in) took part in the protest of millennial trade talks by the World Trade Organization.  Their goal: to defend democracy from the new corporate world order.

Today, our protest messages are diluted and thinly scattered, for good reason.  The 1999 protest in Seattle, which was termed the ‘Battle In Seattle’ by the media, terrified the elites.  They learned that regular people on the ground can have a significant impact on the elite organizations ability to meet in private, and for the marketplace to continue to conduct business as usual.  Today, we have free-speech zones.  Today, we have manufactured protests.  Just ask George Soros who has funded a large portion of the supporters of the marches and protests that have happened in the last decade (the fun doesn’t stop there! Have a look around).

“We can resign ourselves to an American-imposed world corporate order that is recklessly destroying the life of society and the planet to enrich a small ruling elite.  Or we can take on one of the greatest creative challenges in history: consciously and intentionally to reinvent ourselves and our institutions to create a planetary system of radically democratic, self-organizing societies grounded in a love of life and a respect for all beings.  They lead to two sharply contrasting futures.”

David C. Korten wrote that in 1999 – which path do you think we have followed since then?

Thomas Friedman,the father of the free-market ideology of today said:

“The hidden hand of the market can never work without a hidden fist.  McDonald’s cannot flourish without McDonald Douglas, the designer of the U.S. Airforce F-15.  And the hidden fist that keeps the world safe for Silicon Valley’s technologies to flourish is called the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps… With all due respect to Silicon Valley, ideas and technology don’t just win and spread on their own.”

Tech industry insiders have recently been speaking about doom prediction and their path’s to preparedness, as has been showcased in articles by NPR and The New Yorker this week.  “I think people who are particularly attuned to the levers by which society actually works understand that we are skating on really thin cultural ice right now,” says a former Facebook product manager.

But how can we as regular people change to make things better for ourselves?  We can talk about a ‘living planet index’ instead of the stock indices.  Our news can be discussions of local, national and global initiatives for improvement and how we can get involved.

Instead, the Doomsday Clock has just been adjusted to the closest it has been since 1953, when Americans first began testing the hydrogen bomb – 2:30 minutes to midnight.  Ol’ Trumpet is the Great Disruptor, meant to bring about the destruction from which the new and final empire will be born.  He is the scapegoat who appears to be the one fomenting war on ideology (religion).  I am not at all suggesting that he is not the face of the entire operation – and what a face it is!

This is not to be a war for territory or resources.  Citizens, not soldiers, are now the targets.  And soldiers, like it or not, are trained to guard the elites and their accumulated resources and territory.  I guess there’s not much left for them to take over at this point.

But we don’t want to fight.  We are resisting, almost as hard as ever.  Therefore, those at the top must force us.  They must make borders appear to be a huge problem.  They will use their chaos candidate to build walls and to make borders an immense problem, all the while increasing our debt and crippling us further financially.

Brexit was the first protectionist move in this global game of domination.  Ever wonder why?  And how about that special relationship between Britain and the U.S.?  Britain became so big over their centuries of conquest that they needed a proxy to divert attention from the royals’ and British elites’ accumulation of world assets.  Therefore, America: an entity that can pretend to be the global leader.  The thing is, America stopped pretending and actually kicked some ass over the years.  Now it stands, albeit broken, but, the last bastion of freedom from full control by the global elites.

Who are the global elites?
How did America (and the world) fall prey to their power?
Where will their plan lead humanity?

These questions, and many more, will be answered in the coming days.  I want you all to become interested in how we have come to be exactly where we are now and how it was planned this way over what amounts to be millennia.  This is the Great Work.  This time period is the nexus in their plan.  Pay attention, and don’t let the malaise set in.  I will help you identify what it is that is causing you grief and anxiety.  There is a root cause for the malaise that is so prevalent today – it is called ignorance.

Yesterday, I meditated in front of my family – not as a display for them, but because I am not ashamed of who I am and want to be at peace with what I am doing in whatever scenario that I find myself in.  At the moment, it is visiting family from overseas.

Today, let us meditate on how often we push information aside, saying to ourselves that we will get to it later.  We know that learning is important but we just don’t feel like it and don’t have the time, anyway.  These feelings of apathy are no longer acceptable.  We have slept on this for too long and the Doomsday Clock is ticking.  Pay attention, before it’s really too late.  Tomorrow, we go further down the rabbit hole. The time is nigh…

“If ignorance is bliss, then knock the smile off my face.”

-Rage Against the Machine


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