Day Eight: Feeling Great

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Haha, I’m so into rhyming.  And I’m not suggesting that I am proficient at rhyming, or that I use rhymes any more than anyone else.  I just tend to believe that if something rhymes, it is more likely to be true.  Here are some rhymes that I am loving at the moment:

Be truthful, not neutral

Have the drive to stay alive

Aspire higher

We have a long history of hiding and harbouring pieces of the truth, to the detriment of all of us.  And in our ignorance, we will work so hard to diminish those who reach higher than another.  It’s as if when we quell the natural instinct within us to keep to the herd, the herd responds by reigning us back in.  In New Zealand, this is called ‘tall poppy syndrome’ – a national phenomena that keeps people from speaking out of line, against the grain, for fear of sticking out like a sore thumb.  Never really understood the worry, but I was known as the loud Canadian.  Funny, considering how I was known as the shy girl back home in Canada.  So which is the real me?  Who cares… the point is that there are different standards all over the world.

Now for some truths that don’t necessarily rhyme:
No one can tell us what to do with our bodies, regardless of laws.  It is up to us to set our standard of living by acting out against unjust laws.
By gently nudging each other, working with each others’ efforts and supporting one another, we can create common understanding within our unity.
By acting like a human being, respecting others’ choices and working hard to understand them with whatever opportunities are given to me to facilitate this effort, I find that mutual respect is earned.
My friends may not like my opinions, but if they like me then that’s all that matters.
Ok…. now for some messy truth.  Because shit be messy a lot of the time.
I am not a feminist because there are always lesser values in each equation.  I choose to remove myself from the equation all together.
As I mentioned in another post, I have never referred to myself as a feminist. And I am not ashamed of my views, nor am I a hater of my own gender.  I love being a woman.  It is vile and disgusting at times, but that’s life in the physical realm.  You know what else is vile and disgusting?  Being a male.
The way I see it, we’re all in this boat together.  Some of us have shittier aspects here, some there.  What difference does it make to me which parts of my life are shittier compared to which parts of your life?  I mean, do people in relationships understand that they are in a partnership?  That they are not one person in opposition to another, but rather one unit?
Sure, women earn 70 cents on the dollar… on the whole.  But not many women work in finance, where the elites of this world work and earn the majority of the money PLAYING WITH OUR RESOURCES! Who gives a shit if regular men and women earn more or less money when each of us non-elites is earning less and less money every year in relation to the cost of living?  Not me!  And so, if you take those elite dick-wads out of the equation, women earn more like 97 cents on the dollar.  And that’s probably because of a few missed opportunities at promotions because of maternity leave.  Have your cake and eat it to, if you want.  But this in-fighting between men and women will only lead to more disparity for the lot of us while we ignore loosening banking regulations and investments into multinational corporations which support wars, coups, and mass genocide.  Want an example?  How’s about Monsanto manufacturing Agent Orange and PCBs during the Vietnam War.
Or more recently, American tax dollars funding the Taliban to create an insurgency worth fighting for the American people.  And when Desert Storm was an absolute media failure, GWB came in and guffawed his way through an absolute media spectacular, full of special effects, fake experts, and massive casualties.  I will never deny that there were massive casualties in America and their lives matter.  So do the lives of over 25,000 civilians dead in Afghanistan alone since 2001.  Not to mention the increase in American troops being deployed around the world during the Obama presidency…
There is so much more to each of these stories.  These are only partial truths.  I am not a part of any of the systems that partake in these atrocities – except, of course, the passive consumer-observer system.
But, I will not post photos of how great I look and all of the fun things I am are doing.  I work hard to cultivate my mind and share my opinions and gatherings of knowledge.  Who do you think gets more likes – me or the women of the world who practice the art of the selfie?  Again, I don’t care.  I am doing this out of love, not out of likes.
The elites of this world are presenting us with a challenge: abide by our new world order or die.  I say: fuck your challenge.  I will live outside of your systems as much as possible.  I will not argue with my friends about who is right and wrong.  I will serve to present facts and accept facts from others, with full knowledge that facts are only partial truths.
Some would say that if you are earning an hourly rate, you’re not working hard enough.  And for what?  For an industry that has been judged worthy of circulating money?  I want to circulate value among us!  I will work for a meager wage doing something that I find value in so that I can focus my energy on doing what I love.
Whatever you believe about feminism and why I should be marching with my fellow women, please forgive me.  I love my fellow man as a whole and I accept that we are all different and all valuable, even if we cannot agree.  Let us together remind the elites that all of our lives matter more than dollar signs or minus signs.  Let us hold ourselves in higher regard than the figures on our pay cheques.  Let us find value in community, in relationships, in the search for the whole of the truth, which can only come in partnership with people who are different from us.
Each of us holds a piece of the truth.  Only in coming together with our individual pieces will we find PEACE.

Today’s Meditation: Zazen continued….

I meditated in the shade of a tree while waiting on a friend yesterday.  The billowing shadows around me created an artful visual to fuzz out of my perception.  Like the nagging thoughts in my mind, I let the shadows dance around me while I focused on nothing at all.  None of it matters but the whole of it.  We can enjoy it or we can not enjoy it, but we must find a way to make it work for all of us.  This is our test.

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