Day Six: Levitate not Dissociate

I was feeling discouraged yesterday.   I began my day with an invigorating meditation session.  I have been excessively tired in the mornings lately, especially considering I have been eating mostly raw vegan food and exercising daily.  I even began running inn recent weeks, which I never thought I would do (not out of laziness but out of big tittiedness – sports bras of the future are today!).

I have been chalking up my exhaustion to researching and studying hard every day.  I decided to drag myself out of bed way too early (meowing-in-my-face kitty deserves some credit also), and the first thing I did was meditate.  This is the time of day that many guides in meditation tell you is best, although I understood the purpose being that you are less likely to forget.  Reasons I liked it: I carried over my dream-time consciousness directly into the meditation, allowing for more focus.  And as my mind was continuing to wake, it did so with the awareness of the birds in my environment, the sunshine, the blades of grass, and everything around me seemed to grow in clarity as my meditation continued, creating a sense of harmony with my environment.

Despite this wondrous start to the day, I have grown to feel discouraged.  There was a negative energy to the people I was surrounded by and there were no stated reasons for it.  My guess?  There is a negativity in the air.  People are really pissed off right now.  They believe that the world is out to get them.  And every time they try to forget, the artificial fabric that we have woven into our lives (i.e. social media and instant digital communication) reminds us that we are under attack.  It doesn’t matter where you sit on the political values spectrum, everyone seems to feel that they are under attack.

I will tell you what: we are absolutely under attack from all directions.  And this is not the fault of ol’ Duck Tales, or OB/GYN, or any one particular person in the whole wide world.  There is an agenda of the enslavement of our consciousness that has been in the works for millennia.  It is known as The Great Work and by many other names.  It has been written of in a multitude of religious and esoteric texts, often with language that speaks directly to only those who are illumined.  If you want to know who these people are or how they come to know what they know, or any other question related to this: google it; or be patient with me because I just don’t have the energy for them today.

I forgot to mention that before yesterday’s meditatin, I also read one of the Buddha Sutras to coincide with my meditation, to really get me into the Zen mind-frame.  The one I read is titled ‘On Knowledge of Beginnings’ – it seemed appropriate, being only day 5 of this 100 day cycle.  The enlightened one spoke of the caste system to two of his formerly Brahmin disciples.  They were feeling as though they had forsaken their most awesome caste, which is what their people were yelling to them each day.  The enlightened one told them that each caste has both positive and negative qualities that are inherent to them.  It is only the monk, who transforms himself beyond who he was born to be, who gets to live in Dhamma, or cosmic balance.  And he can only do this by gaining “superknowledge.”

Reading this and sitting in beautiful serenity of the morning, I felt like I was flowing in concentric circles around a centrifugal cosmic truth of living in psychic harmony with all life.  I am truthfully still working on the physical harmony part, trying to cure myself of more than a few addictions that have accumulated over the years of living in mental isolation…. which is why I am here, now, writing to you, trying to escape this isolation, which I reckon we all feel in our own ways.

We are each drops of liquid, holding atoms in our viscous form as we spin around on a pooling of liquid substance, also holding atoms.  We resonate together in our medium of suspended atoms in liquid, like sand being shifted into patterns when resonated at precise frequencies.  When we train our psychic energy to flow freely at near-light-speed, we will transcend space-time and move into time-space, or what can essentially be understood as eternal existence.  Imagine that kind of exhaustion!  Read more on this topic, if you please, although I will be breaking it down, piece by piece as we go along: David Wilcock’s The Source Field Investigations.

So, to get back to my cognitive dissonance yesterday, the lesson that I continue to learn is that the value of pain is to gain our attention.  We are spurred into action by pain, like a heart attack victim going on a diet.  I know that my pain comes from my inability to translate to others what little understanding I have gleaned (and this little amount I have gained through many years of daily study) to my friends and family.  If I cannot reach you, how can I expect to reach anyone else? (And of course, that back-of-the-mind nagging voice asking ‘why even bother?’)

Awareness is the first step to healing.  So, since I promised you some esoterica to help you swallow your daily dose of meditation, here is an incredible story to get you inspired in the same way that I am (generally speaking) about life!

Because of what I perceived to have been concentric circles that my energy was traveling in the morning, I want to bend that idea into spirals and the Fibonacci sequence, speaking of sound in particular.

The Sutras are meant to be recited aloud prior to a meditation session. And reading mine yesterday morning, I felt that the language was written in such a way as to elicit a pattern in the words and phrasing (obviously English is not the intended language, but these patterns may translate as well).   Later today, in reading the incessantly repetitive diatribes by all manner of SMFriend on blatant evil embodied in man, I felt that my energy was no longer flowing in smooth patterns, but instead became more erratic, as though in emulation of the psychically-dissociative dialogues to which I was bearing witness.

No bother, because I know better.  I know that a group of people coming together and producing sound energy resonating in harmony can literally move impossibly large stones.  This is not even to speak of what we can do when our psychic energy resonates in harmony, although this has yet to be proven to us in this physical realm.  Nevertheless, let’s stick with what we know:

Tibetan sound levitation is an ancient occult practice of a sect of Tibetan monks who choose not to share this knowledge with outsiders.  However, in 1939, one man, who is known today only as Dr. Jarl, spent some time with a remote group of Tibetans and was one day invited to observe this unheard of phenomena.  The monks positioned themselves in a semi-circular natural auditorium and played drums and horns of various sizes in direct proportion to one another, as well as in direct proportion to a one square meter block of stone.  Playing their instruments in unison, Dr. Jarl reported that the stone block was levitated over 250m high and across a distance of 500m until it was placed on top of a mountain ridge ahead of the monks.

Whether you choose to believe this under-reported phenomena, I urge you to watch the video below and feel the differences in your body as you listen to the Solfeggio and the 5 healing frequencies, used throughout our history in occult practices.  It is time that we re-learn this knowledge.

Today’s Meditation: Zazen continued…

As much as I enjoyed yesterday’s first-thing-in-the-morning meditation, I want to feel calmed by the ocean and the sand again, so I will meditate after work at the beach.  The energy of my personal sphere is far too erratic and I need the rhythmic patterns of the waves to lull my spirit into harmony with my surroundings.  Join me if you dare let go of the erratic shapes of the waves created by our greed, possessiveness, defensiveness, and spitefulness.

Long live love, freedom, and equality of all life, large or small.  It is at the largest and smallest levels that we are only beginning to understand that we truly know nothing of the principles that govern our universe.  Do not underestimate how little it is that you know.

My intention is to remember that I am always learning, moving, and to use my stillness to achieve awareness.


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