Day Four: From the Ashes

I believe that it is every Canadian’s patriotic duty as a free-thinking human to listen to A View From Space with the Space Man on am640 (Listen live: Saturdays 8pm-11pm).  Sound like an oxymoron to be told to listen to something to be free? Well, it’s not. Until you arm yourself with all of the information, you cannot make an informed opinion.

The Space Man creates an absolutely stunning weekly alternative news radio show that is extremely well-researched, and he has been doing live broadcasts of this nature for 17 years. I have personally listened to him for 11 years, and he is consistently on the money with his projections. He goes by what the evidence and history show us. He looks at all of the angles, as though he is looking at our planet from space.

I have personally been called a space cadet my whole life. I feel like he is the only man who has ever understood me and I will always love his faceless voice. He is another secret that I thought I had to hide from people, squirreling away the information he feeds me every week. His are absolutely not the only views I take in – not by far. But his are by far my favourite.

Aren’t you tired of hearing the same two sides bickering all of the time? Why not add a third dimension to your view and bring some colour to your spectrum?

My sister told me yesterday that her one suggestion for my blog is to shorten my entries. So guess what all of my teachers wrote as criticisms on my school hand-ins?  I’m a writer.  I don’t deal in characters; I deal in words.  My method of expression is honest, thorough, and calculated. I’m not just rambling with no direction. If you don’t have the patience to read (which my sister does, and I accept her criticism openly, with love and gratitude), then this is not the blog for you. You can read about just meditation all over The Internet. (And for the record, I always got good grades in school.)

What is in a name?  Have you understood why I choose not to refer to certain people by their names? I mentioned in a previous post that it is significant that the President of the USA is already a celebrity.  When we use a word/symbol/number/colour/sound/etc, we are generating power from within our being and sending it out to the thing that most represents that word/symbol/number/colour/sound. For example, when we wear red, we generate ‘stimulated’ responses from our surrounding environment and we become stimulated ourselves.

According to a website about colour personalities, the colour orange generates optimistic energy and everyone would be better off if we used it in everyday ways. Get the hint?  Oompa Loompas are onto something.  Have a read of the section in the above link on if you like or don’t like the colour orange and see what that says about you. There is much power that we wield in every day ways and it is a shame that more people don’t recognize that. This is where I come in.

I want to share with you all that I know. There is so much incredible information out there in the world and I’m going to be your personal curator.  You should have many like me in your life.  If you don’t, you are likely missing out on a lot of information.  I will help you get through these difficult times with pure love for you, evidenced in my open sharing and immense gratitude for your presence here. I will reward you with information. Interesting information. And I apologize in advance to my sister and to you all, but there is a lot of it.

How can you think that you are not manipulated by how little you know and understand?When you re-post something that incites strong opinions, are you sure that you know what you are doing?  Whose interests do your actions serve?  Many of us are playing with forces that we cannot wield because we have not developed the skills/accumulated the know-how.

But the elites that rule us do have those skills. They understand how colours, shapes and sounds have an impact on the world. When we will something to happen, we are leaving the space free for it to enter. If we do not will something, we do not leave the space free for it to enter. It is that simple.

My neighbor and I had a lengthy chat yesterday morning about how to better our attitudes and invite success into our lives. I suggested that she openly stake her claim of what she wants to the world and invite her sphere of influence to clearly understand her goals and help her if they can.  I genuinely think it is that simple.  When CNN predominantly
advertises itself during ad breaks, you should clearly see that asking for something, saying the words that call that something out, that is how you get that something. It’s like
whistling for your dog to return. It can hear your characteristic voice in your whistle and it knows that you are calling it and not someone else’s dog.

My neighbor also gave me a good statement of advice to share with you: “the best way to save money is to ask people.”  It is the same as the essence of why we are here, on this journey of sharing.  We are here to prove that opening up our hearts to others means inviting love and real connection into our lives.  And when we have love and feel real connection, we will know how to resolve our differences without violence.

World politics is like a game of Risk.  At present, America is a $35 trillion economy.  China is $16 trillion and the EU is $10 trillion.  So what do you do if you want to take over the board in a game of Risk?  You take down the mightiest force.  But why is America even at the top?  Is it because of their fantastic democracy and because they are the freest people on the planet?  LOL… no.  It is because the rest of the world is forced to buy and trade in American dollars.  (I am not going to go into detail on any subject.  I will start you off but it is your responsibility to use the tools that you have available to you to do the research.  It’s called The Internet.  And remember: if you don’t use it, you lose it!)

If you were a strong and growing force that was intent on world domination, the best way to bring down independent state forces would be to bring down all currencies.  And to do that, you only need attack the top.  Welcome, Duck Tales.  If other countries can’t get a good deal from American trade policies, they will ditch the dollar, which will be deemed a liability.  France will likely vote in their own populist government and cede from the EU.  Chaos will rule.  Or as the media propaganda machine like’s to call it with their new favourite buzzword: these are unprecedented times.

All of this to say that the system of our world is a battle between evil and evil and both sides are funded by private banks.  We are their debt slaves.  Anyone who chooses to pay interest by using plastic money is bolstering the legitimacy of this treacherous practice, myself notwithstanding (although not in recent years).

The creation of the New World Order is also known as The Great Work. (As a note, I will typically only be sending you to Wiki sites, but only to give you the understanding that these are not obscure ideas but are popularly discussed all over The Internet.)  This plan has been in the works for millennia and if you read history, you will know how deeply connected our world events are and the bloodlines behind them.  This Great Work is to build up America to a dominant world power and authority only to crash it, allowing the New Order to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.  This has happened throughout our history but this is the nexus where everything is culminating.  The elite families have been stretching their tentacles around the world, setting up shop, stealing commodities, and paying off installed dictators.  ‘Liberator’ is how the victorious conqueror will term himself.

These families are almost ready to swallow the whole of the Earth through their network of powerful economies and put every country into debt; in other words, put them into a position where they cannot operate without the bank to which it is indebted.

How do I have the audacity to conjure up such absurd ideas?  The elites have the audacity and now that our biggest weakness as humans is to disbelieve unpleasant truths.

But I’ve been doing this for 15+ years and I’m ok.  It has been scary, disheartening and disturbing at times, but to me, not knowing is so much worse.  Just like in Jurassic Park: The Lost World, when the research team witnesses the military rounding up dinosaurs and look devastated and incredulous, the camera then pans to Jeff Goldbloom’s character, who has been around this block once before.  His expression shows disappointment, because he knows how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Today’s Meditation: Zazen continued…

For yesterday’s session, I wanted to do it outside under the stars.  The night before, I laid under the stars listening to music and the moment was so overwhelmingly powerful.  I wanted to see if I could bring that energy to my meditation session.

As I lay out under Orion, reflecting on my meditation in the still of the night, I see my journey reflected in the black canvas that each of my ancestors pondered on.  The waning crescent moon is for releasing any negativity; not just banishing it, but consciously letting it go.  While meditating last night, I felt my perspective slightly levitate from the position of my body.  I felt in tune with everything around me, and somehow that elevated my perception.  I don’t know what it means but I take it as a positive sign that I am connecting with all of you.

My intention today is to not fear the darkness and to go boldly, letting my inner light shine.  It was cultivated for the express purpose of guidance.  I will walk cautiously but confidently into the night.



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