Day Three: Global Governance in the Bust Times

I am currently reading a book titled Imagine: What America in the 21st Century.  The essay I read yesterday is by anti-war activist Fred Branfman, who writes that baby boomers are special because they are the first humans in history to ask “how much do I care about future generations?”

When you look at the state of our world, do you ever wonder how we got to where we are?

Baby boomers began their lives with great promise.  They were idealistic.  Then, they were broken down by Vietnam, materialism and the responsibilities of adulthood, which many of them fought so hard against during the ‘love generation.’

So is our Near-Term Human Extinction on the horizon a result of a western-world-wide state of PTSD-induced selfishness?

How many people in my generation (30s-ish) have a difficult time of letting go of our parents’ dramas?  My parents’ dramas have/had a lot to do with a context that I don’t fully comprehend: they came to Canada from communist Poland, where they had very little opportunities.  They took their chances, left Poland, left their refugee camp in Austria, and moved to Canada, which they will forever consider to be “far better.”  A lot of people in my generation share this naissance story with me.  Our story is akin to the Asian families who move to western nations in large-family units, living in two-bedroom homes with 15 people, and feeling privileged to have the opportunity to raise their children ‘western.’

Others come from long-line, well-established, wealthy or poor lineages.  Whatever your case, our parents and grandparents have unitedly decided at some point in time to try to kill us all, AKA deciding to look after #1, because making yourself happy is apparently how you make others happy.

The generations previous to mine are believers in ‘the trickle down economics of the heart.’  They are the ones that sold our world out to the ‘free-market’ in the first place for the trade-off of materialism.  Need I go into how that was a bad decision?  Because I won’t, unless asked.  The point is, it doesn’t work.  Love (or capitol of any kind) gets stuck, bottle necked by all of the about turns we have to make when we decide to run for our lives.

This is one of the reasons why I am meditating: to confront my fears without allowing them to push me into unknown directions through automatic (unconscious) responses.   If I don’t know what lies dormant in my unconscious (or what forces are acting in secret in the free-market economy), then I won’t understand how they impact my decision making.  Duck Tales admires Mike Tyson, and his favourite quote of his is said to be “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”  Take this moment to ponder on all of the ways that fear (or anger, or any other stressful emotion) has derailed your own decision-making.

We (humanity) don’t often stay and fight in big enough numbers or with enough longevity to stake a real claim in our collective changes.  We lack organization and have an abundance of personal stresses that we serve instead.  We have proven, time and again, that we are sufficiently satisfied with fighting like dogs for scraps.

The scraps are running out and our owners no longer feel like caring for so many pets.  Killing us in a humane way, like through environmental collapse, is one way to rid themselves of the scourge of desperate humanity.  The older generations have lived out their lives.  The newer generations haven’t tasted freedom or really learnt how to live.

My generation is the first to have grown up with The Internet and it changed us forever.  We are of two-minds on the subject, depending on our individual responses to our parents’ dramas: there are the mindless and the mindful (bear in mind, we are all minded for the most part).  I myself fall on the undervalued option in the New World Market, which means that in the event of a cull, I would not be saved.

The problems in our world are very evidently caused by the votes we cast with our purchasing power and the suffering that we condone with each of our choices of where to spend.  Why does God allow suffering to happen?  No! We cause suffering by funding it in ignorance!  But who keeps us ignorant?  Why, it’s those who are in power, of course!  So why not exercise power over your own life rather than exercising stress and emotional spending?

The Internet has put power back in our hands.  We have the option to educate ourselves!  But you must already know what happens to something if you don’t use it? – you lose it!

I want to share all of my thoughts and information I come across with all who will listen.  I used to think that I had to save it, as though it was a commodity that I could use to get ahead.  But what is the point?  We are all squirreling away what we have, to be used in the future.  Well we’re going to lose it!  If not us, individually, then as a collective.

So what is your life worth to you?  I know now that mine is only valued by the measure of power in our collective.  I have no intention to force anyone to like what I write or share it, but I do want to give anyone and everyone the space to use me if they feel that it is right.  I am standing my ground, right here, ready for what may come.

Passion is what we are searching for when we look to each other to light our way.  We all need help to free ourselves from the darkness of indifference and ignorance.  We all need honesty.

It is passion that is driving the Women’s March in Washington right now.  Although I have not and will likely not ever call myself a feminist, I choose to view this march as an important reminder that we are all watching.  I am watching the choices that my parents generation are making.  I am watching the world political stage.  I am watching the elites and their strange rituals.  And it is in how I react to what I see that I effect change on the world.

No more fear: now is the time to find peace within ourselves through observance.

Today’s meditation style: Zazen continued…

Yesterday’s meditation was a challenging one.  The energies in the air felt chaotic around me and it was difficult to focus.  Breathing helped, but I’d like to continue practicing this style of meditation for a few days until the unfocused-focus comes a bit more naturally.

Today’s intention: to love and support all of my fellow humans in their self-expression, listening with an open heart and an open mind.


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