Day One: Inauguration into Zazen meditation

Ever since FDR passed a record number of bills in his first 100 days as president, every subsequent president has been judged against the same standard.  Will the new president pass a whole lot of bills and repeal a whole lot of others and throw the entire system into chaos?  Our international press media would have us believe so.  And they are growing in influence, despite the typical citizen of the world recognizing that ‘fake news’ is just a label that can easily be pinned on anyone who sells a story.

Donald Trump will be repeatedly taunted by speculations of his choices.  Even if those reporting don’t like the outcome, they will like the way the story sells.  This is unfortunate, but we’d be stupid to think that the news wasn’t for sale.  Movies send us this message all of the time.  Our instincts tell us this.  However, if you don’t want to believe what they are selling, you had better arm yourself with differing view points because the stories that make the big bucks will be loudly repeated until everyone’s heard them.  Again, it doesn’t matter if you believe the story.  The point is that you hear the story repeatedly through many channels.  And you are not prepared to consciously refute the story, you are leaving your unconscious mind vulnerable.  Who knows what we are being prepared for unconsciously?  I could guess, but that’s not the point of this journey.

We are here to arm ourselves with knowledge: of self; of others; of the world around us.  We are on this journey to let go of what bad things may exist around us, understand that they are here for a reason, and let them go, making space for love.

Today’s meditation style: Zazen

Meditation time: 11:30 – 12:00 EST


I will be doing a seated meditation in this space, back straight, eyes lowered, gazing to a space on the floor 45 degrees ahead of me, using my natural breathing through my nose to guide my mind, and allowing thoughts of worry, or doubt, or dissatisfaction to pass through me directly. (Watch the 7 minute video here for a full beginner’s description of how to practice basic zen meditation or read this article.)

Intention: Today will be a big one, to lead this mission off on a strong note:  I intend to make meditation a part of my every day life.  I intend to lead by example.  I intend to feel the power and the stillness of drawing my attention to my center of balance. I will allow negative thoughts to pass through me, look at them with a friendly attitude because they are a part of me, though not all of me. I intend to begin my journey into 100 days of meditation by creating spiritual, physical, mental and emotional strength, health, fitness and wellness.

Visualization:  My body is a clear vessel filled with golden honey and I am dropping a small, clear, quartz sphere through the top of my head and feeling it drift down, coming to rest in my abdomen.



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