One day, one mind, sharing one consciousness

My mother asked me today why I smoke weed. I was surprised by the casual way she brought up me needing to set aside money for my pot habit . So why do I do it?  I gave her the standard smoker’s answer: because it relaxes me.  Many of us know how that conversation goes from there – Mom: yeah, right, you’re always relaxed. Me: haha, yea, cause I’m always stoned. Awkward silence while taking that in.

The truth is, I smoke weed because it puts me in touch with the voices in my head. Whoa. Do you think it’s wrong for me to admit that? My mother would.  Mum and I have had all kinds of deep and meaningfuls fairly often over the last year of living together.  We also argue about our world views and of course I think that I’m right and I’m more aware of different possibilities. But the truth is, I’m actually just better versed.  Having opinions has always been my forte; having controversial opinions, my specialty.  And I am better versed than most, purely for the reason that I am more in tune with the voices in my head.

If you try to tell me that you don’t have voices and haven’t been trying to silence them all of your adult life with drinking, television, sex, obsessive working out – well, you’re lying to me and to yourself.  I think that everyone who has ever made anything of themselves has listened to the voices in their heads.  And the people who told you that meditation was about clearing your mind of all of the voices, well that’s a bullshit way to explain it. I reckon the people that sell that story are laughing at our inability to understand that basic premise of meditation in the western world.  What they fail to mention very obviously is that it is a process.

The only way to clear your mind is to journey into it, meet the voices, understand why they are there, take steps to make peace with those voices, join in unison – thus, no more individual existence of voices, just you, whole with YOUR universe.  There is so much more after that and before that and in every other direction, but we’ll get to that at a later

Enough for now.  We have 100 days ahead of us over which I want to share with you the great many pleasures and secrets of the universe that no one has told you of or properly explained to you.  I want you to get excited about existence and really feel in tune with these words and the world around you and really feel our intentions coming from and flowing into the same source.

For the record, smoking drugs is a bad habit and it is not for everyone.  We all have our individual paths to follow, which our bodily responses (aka intuition) dictate and alert us to our individual challenges.   You can ignore them, or listen.

It is important to practice natural hygiene.  I know that it’s hard and I struggle with it, too, in a lot of ways, but in a lot of ways I do make efforts to experience it fully in detox doses and newly developing (or redeveloping) life practices.

This past year, I have gone 3 months without alcohol, two 15 day no eating fasts, 9 months of celibacy (and going strong! lol, it’s not easy).  But… I have also indulged in too much to drink at times, meaning feeling sorry for myself the next day.  That part of me is the status quo and it’s unacceptable.  I can’t keep fucking bitching and moaning about how the world is fucked up when the truth is that I, too, am fucked up.  But I’m no weak, pussy ass bitch (does this count as swearing at home, President Obama?).  I am a woman of honor and integrity.  I move across seas and I walk across mountains. I adventure and explore around the world, in my words, in my body, in my mind, in my heart and in others’ minds and hearts.  I read as much as I can and listen to people’s stories whenever I have the opportunity.  I stop to watch live music or dancing and I will always take pleasure in a night sky full of stars.

The world is magical and wonderful and I want to allow it to shine in its best light, through my appreciation of it and respect for it.

Join me from tomorrow for 100 days of meditation and share this page with your friends.  This is something that we can do alone or we can share this experience with those
closest to us. Either way, this will be a mind opener for all who participate. Give yourself up for just 10 minutes of your day and allow yourself to experience the power of love.

Send some love energy to your neighbor, your husband, the Inuit seal hunters losing their homes.  Send love to everywhere that needs it.  And we all need love.

For 10 minutes a day, do not focus on the voices telling you to feel upset or discouraged by what negative things are happening all over the world. Just send love.  Love makes us all feel better and helps elevate us to our most creative and forward-thinking levels.  Do not be angry about seal hunting.  Be understanding that we must all live in love with one another.  I hope that together, we will all learn what that means.


I’ll be posting later today about different ways to meditate so that we can all prepare ourselves with what style we feel will suit us best. Every morning (9EST), I will
be posting about the technique on which I am focusing and what time I will be meditating that day.  You may choose to join me at the same time, or you may do whatever works
for you. The important thing is for us to practice the intention of love – in whatever form you wish – for at least 10 minutes each day.

Let us shape the world with love!


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